How to prevent and treat Thyroid Diseases

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What Causes Thyroid Disease?

Mumps, strauma, a large swelling and lumps that occur on the front of the neck and the throat may occur because the thyroid is experiencing abnormal growth. Usually thyroid disease is caused due to deficiency of iodine in the salt air food.

Iodine deficiency in pregnant women will cause the baby to die or be born with a mental disability and / or deaf, although the mother does not suffer from thyroid disease, in this case usually called The term krenitisme.

The content of iodine is essential for the development of our body's cells, including brain health. The function itself is iodine to form thyroid hormone that will be absorbed by intestines and circulated into an assortment of glands in our body. These glands are:
  1. Choroid
  2. The ciliary body
  3. Milk Glands
  4. Placenta
  5. Saliva glands
  6. Gastric Mucosal
  7. Intenstinum tenue
  8. Thyroid

Most of the iodine content will later be used on the thyroid gland. If the levels of iodine in the thyroid is reduced. You can bet someone will develop the disease mumps

Effect thyroid hormone deficiency also affects the development of
Brain weight will be less
The occurrence of abnormalities in the number of cells in the brain
Large cells in the cerebellum shrink
Dendrite formation in neurons disrupted
Relationships between synapses in the brain becomes blocked
Damaging ear tissue
Protein Synthesis brain, myelination, interconnection will be disrupted
The areas with potentially endemic goiter
Highlands and mountains
Areas with low economic levels.

Foods containing iodine content
Sea fish
Green vegetables
Symptoms of mumps
Swelling of the salivary glands
Mouth feel tight and painful, especially when chewing and swallowing food
Reduced appetite
Often feel nauseous even vomiting repeatedly
Body temperature becomes high
Serigkali feel the buzz in the ear
How to prevent and treat thyroid disease

All the people living in upland areas or areas with many thyroid disease, should use iodized salt. Thus, thyroid disease can be prevented and thyroid lump in the throat can be cured.

If unable to obtain iodized salt, you can also use iodine tincture is a solution of iodine in alcohol. How penggunnaanya enter one drop of the solution into a glass of water and drink it every day. Please be careful in using it, if too much solution of iodine, it can cause toxicity in your body.
Take just one drop a day. Then store the bottle in a place not easily accessible to the children. But you also have to keep attempting to use iodized salt, iodized salt because a lot safer for consumption.

Traditional medicine can also be an option for treating mumps. Although the results are not as good as using iodized salt. One traditional way is to eat crab or seafood mixed with a bit of seaweed and iodized salt, by the way, can help treat the sufferers of thyroid illness.


If the lump mumps old and hardened, immediately ask for help from a health worker or doctor. Health workers will perform the surgery or if surgery is needed.
If thyroid disease always looks shaky, nervous and his eyes stand out, then this situation may be a sign of a dangerous type of goiter. Ask your doctor for advice.

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