Importance of Washing Helm

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Wash the helmet is a rare activity may be due to her busy so not had a helmet and a bike wash. If so, wash the motor was turned over to the center washer motor. However, during this cleared only bike, helmets are often overlooked. In fact, the helmet has an important role in addition to its primary function to maintain the safety of bikers, namely keeping the hair and scalp.

Helmets are like clothes, worn everyday work, school, and other activities. Clothes replaced only every day, but often forgotten helmet to be washed. Helm choose a fabric lining that works to absorb perspiration. So, what happens if the helmet was never washed? Certainly the wearer will feel comfortable when wearing them. Consequently, itchy scalp, hair becomes dull and smelly. That is why, washing into a solution tool that helmet headwear is kept clean and comfortable to wear.

Wash Business Opportunity Helm

During this time, the awareness of helmet is very minimal washing ignorance be the right way to wash a helmet. There are some owners who worry that his helmet helmet washed will cause damage to the helmet so uncomfortable again used. This assumption is actually not entirely true. Washing helmet is good and right there technique.

Regardless, there was a creative young people who take advantage of opportunities to start a business cleaning the helmet. Although it seems trivial, it turns out this effort to get a positive response from consumers.

Helmet wash business can be combined into a new subsidiary of the primary business. For example, you've been running a laundry business. You can open up new services, related to the business of washing-wash, wash the helmet. It could also be a child's helmet wash business venture of buying and selling businesses helmets and equipment.

This subsidiary won a business competition and find new customers. Today, the business has a lot of laundry. Finally, business rivalry is so fierce. The key to winning the competition in the laundry business is to create differential product to the customer. Differential forms of these products such as washing helmet.

Due to Not Wash Helm

Helmets are mandatory items while riding a motorcycle. Function is to maintain the safety helmet head when you fell off the bike. Helmets can withstand heavy impact on the head when the accident occurred. However, relying on a helmet for safety functions is not enough. Convenience functions must also be considered.

During this time many owners who do not keep the helmet comfort functions resulting in uncomfortable wearing a helmet head for too long. Here's a bad result when the helmet was never washed regularly.

Trigger Dandruff

Wearing helmets dirty conditions certainly lead to dandruff in the hair. Head of the many dandruff can reduce the beauty of hair. In fact, if you hit the head of dandruff, it is difficult to eliminate. Need routine maintenance and would spend the cost is not small. Therefore, you should regularly clean up your helmet.

Hair Loss

In a helmet that was never cleaned are bacteria and viruses that could damage the health of the scalp. Condition if allowed to continue will cause hair loss because hair follicles become damaged. When a lot of hair loss that passes, it indicates there is no sound in your head area. To be sure, the real threat of baldness. In fact, hair loss for a woman is the worst calamity in his life.

Restoring hair condition of baldness requires a long process. Well, do not let your head bald as trivial as reluctant to wash helmet.

Unhealthy Scalp

Another consequence of the use of a helmet is not clean scalp damage due to dirt on the helmet come attached to the scalp. Dirt will trigger problems with the hair and cause fungus on the scalp.

Types of Helmets

Helmets became important thing when traveling on a motorcycle. Helmets prevent head injury. Helmets have different types according to the needs of the rider. There is a full-face helmet which is used by GP motorcycle racer. There is also a racing helmet fitting used for motor cross. More specifically, let's look at the different types of motorcycle helmets that many in the market.

Full Face Helmet

Full-face helmet is a helmet that looks closed up the front. The front of the helmet simply provide open space on the eyes. These helmets provide full protection to the entire head. Motor sports like car racing or motorcycle requires the rider to wear full-face helmet. Special helmet motor racing and cars are designed with a high level of security. Making any use of lightweight materials, but strong enough to bear the collision.

Price special full face helmet motorcycle racer is very expensive. However, there are many enthusiasts also output full-face helmet manufacturers overseas, such as Japan and Italy. Especially big fan motors, they are more comfortable using this type of helmet for touring activity as full-face helmets provide safety for its users jamiman.

Half Face Helmet

Half face helmet shape is almost the same as the full face. What distinguishes it is the visor fully open so that users face visible. This type of helmet is preferred by motorcycle riders in Indonesia. The reason is, if you wear a helmet, unobstructed view to the front and is also easily removable.

Half face helmets are produced in the country. Certainly cheaper than buatam Italy or Taiwan. Although the price is cheap, the helmet is produced in Indonesia, must comply with safety and quality standards required by the National Bureau of Standards Indonesia. Helmets that pass the test SNI SNI labeled products, including helmets. SNI helmet without doubt the quality of security.

Bicycle Helmets

Different bicycle helmet motorcycle helmets. The difference is the material making helmet. Bicycle helmets are made of lightweight materials, but strong. In addition, the shape of the bike more aero dynamic helmets. The shape tapers to the rear. Benefits in order to reduce wind resistance coming out of the front so that the pace of the bike faster.

Helmets Work

Helmets are not only worn when riding a motorcycle, there are also specialized job that requires workers to wear safety helmets. The work requires the use of safety devices (helmets, safety shoes, gloves, goggles) for example, work in the field of dam construction projects oil drilling jobs. Helmets work made of hard plastic and fiberglass mixture. Special helmet paint job with bright polished conspicuous to be visible from a distance.

Caring Tips For Sustainable Helm

To be always comfortable to wear a helmet, you should be treated on a regular basis. Here's a quick tips on how to care for your pet so durable helmet.


The inside / soft on the helmet is part of the area covered by a soft fabric that easily absorbs sweat and rain. Therefore, it is easy to dirty areas. Do not let dirt accumulate and cause many uncomfortable feeling when worn. Well, once a month should be washed in a washing helmet helmets professional. However, if you can wash your own would be better.

Way, off one by one helmet parts, like the windshield, hood up, and a rope. After that, the soft parts removed. The process of separation of the soft parts of the helmet should be done with care not to damage the styrofoam. The next stage is to wash the cloth wrapping styrofoam with soapy water and fabric softener, give fragrance as well.

The next phase, drying outside. While waiting for a dry, the outside of the helmet to a shiny polished with wax. Once dry, reinstall the parts separate helmet.

Dry in the sun

It's good, once you wear a helmet, just dried in the sun exposure so that bacteria and viruses that attach to the helmet off, especially when the helmet exposed to rain. If not dried, the other way is dried with a hair dryer.

If the helmet is not worn in a long time, the helmet should be stored in a dry place. Avoid storing helmet in a damp or wet can cause mold on the inside of the fabric.

So a few reviews about the importance of washing helmets regularly. Hopefully this review can provide information about the importance of washing activities helmet.

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