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The business world today is closely related with the name of the Internet. Today, the Internet has become a tool (a tool) very important business for entrepreneurs. Internet is no longer a means to the world of entertainment and technology, but also become an important medium to increase business profits.

Why Internet is important? Because the Internet provides a range of facilities that can be used to improve marketing, promotion and sales of products in the absence of state limitations, time, and place. That is the reason why many large companies that build a website just to make a sale tickets Online and Promote Products they sell, why? Because the Internet has no boundaries State facilities, time, and place. Therefore, the entrepreneur who wants to succeed in this era must understand the Internet, to support their business processes. Internet can be used to support business development (usually company) or can even be a base of their business (such as eBay, Amazon, etc.).

One business application via the Internet is e-commerce. Stands for Electronic Commerce, is a transaction of purchase and sale of goods or services either products over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.

Currently, the amount of goods and services sold over the Internet is very much. The rapid development can not be separated from the proliferation of technology to conduct electronic money transfer, ranging from transfer through bank, a wide variety of assistive technologies, e-commerce, like Supply Chain Management, Internet Marketing, Online transaction processing, Electronic Data Interchange, Inventory Management System, and Automated data collection systems.

Modern E-Commerce in general is one of the stages of the sale as a whole, ie use the Web Interface to accommodate one sales stage.

In general, it does so, it's not enough. Call it transfer money (payments) that have been made between the local bank, while if you buy a multilayered goods from abroad, payment will be hard to do. Many e-commerce store that sells goods or non-physical form of the product, such as an eBook (Electronic Book), Consulting Services, and so on. In fact, a store must have a product that can be used or seen physically, like Mattresses, Pillows, Blankets, Books (Hard Copy), Clothing, etc..

Online retailers through media usually referred to as "e-tailer" to shorten his name to make it more familiar and easy to remember, then shortened again as e-tail. The big sellers were not using e-commerce now that many are utilizing this tool.

E-Commerce in terms of interested parties can be divided into two, namely:
1. Business to Business (B2B)
2. Business to Costumer (B2C)

B2B type can consist of many options of interest, such as the exchange of commodities or selected participants only, such as Personal Electronics market. E-Commerce itself is a small part of a bigger strategy than business domains on the Internet, e-business. E-Commerce is the part that serves electronic transactions or to say part of the sale of e-business.

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