Lateral thinking

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Is to think outside the patterns that are common or think outside approach "usually". Ability to think laterally, it means being able to see the problem is not with the perspective of "normally" so that a solution was "out of character", but does not follow the conventional methods to develop new ways you never thought about anyone else, People often termed lateral thinking skills with the term creative.

People who can think laterally so enjoyed the freedom of thought, not like-sealed bulkhead by a rigid pattern, habits, etc.. But it does not mean there is no limit, because at the same time, the brain will predict the outcome or process. Is the ability to think laterally in tunjang by the power of imagination and inspiration. If the way we think all this is too rigid and conservative, would be difficult to see other possibilities and realities that are before us. That is why, people are good lateral thinking ability, easy to understand the concept is multidimensional and spawned innovative work.

There are so many benefits that we can think laterally. One of them, creative people do not easily pessimism and stress due to see a problem from different angles. They know there are many alternative solutions and opportunities in each issue, so they assume the problem is a challenge rather than an obstacle. Those who can deliver new innovations are those who can think laterally.

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