Learning Strategies

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At first, the term strategy is widely used in the military which is defined as the use of all means of military force to win a war. Now, the term strategy is widely used in various fields of activities aimed at achieving success or success in achieving its objectives. For example, a manager or head of a company that wants huge profits and success that will implement a strategy to achieve that goal, the coach of the basketball team will be considered to determine the appropriate strategies to be able to win a game. Likewise, a teacher who expects good results in the learning process will also implement a strategy in order to learn the results of their students get the best performance.

Strategic learning is a learning activity that must be done so that the teacher and student learning objectives can be achieved effectively and efficiently. Kemp (1995). On the other hand Dick & Carey (1985) states that strategy is a set of learning materials and procedures used pembelajaranyang together to cause the result belajarpada students. Learning strategies is the need to be noticed by an instructor, teacher, lecturer in the learning process. There are at least three types of strategies related to learning, namely: (a) organizing learning strategies, (b) the delivery of learning strategies, and (c) learning management strategies.

Variety of learning strategies must be understood and controlled well by teachers and learning designers. So that he can pick and choose what is most appropriate stratgei accordance with the characteristics of students, subjects and learning objectives to be achieved.

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