Learning to edit the CSS without entering the Edit HTML

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Learning to edit the CSS without entering the Edit HTML
How to do a test edit CSS Templates Blogger without having to open and save the Edit HTML page repeatedly?

Setting blogger template CSS is the main thing to enhance your blog page views, but often edit CSS sometimes tiring and boring, especially too frequent disassembly code, edit here and there, not to mention we are open and save the Edit HTML page repeatedly, of course buang2 time .. which obviously we are never satisfied until you find the best look. The main demands of the blog, of course can not be separated from how to blog can be perfect in all browsers, Taking WebMaster said "for what appear beautiful in the Mozilla browser and its colonies but appear in other browsers suck ancuran," explained one point will be reduced, and certainly colleagues do not want it to happen right.

Are we still impose the above classic way? 

Oops, of course not ... I will definitely try to find the best solution for the loyal readers of this blog. Simply cuap-cuapnya OM ... Ok more ... Actually there is a very easy way to edit the CSS without having to go back and forth to the Edit HTML page, where we only need to open the blog page and then edit the CSS code live (Online) without fear mistakes and errors, which we need only tools made chrispederick which was named Web Developer tool is the one who will help ease our task to edit CSS code in blogger. Just a blogger? not just bloggers, almost all support the CSS code can be used. Need to know this tool only peer support for Firefox Browser, Firefox and Flock (Firefox extension). Web Developer Tools is also not just for editing CSS, but employ many other functions that can be used.

How to edit CSS Web Developer?

1. Enable Browser Firefox or Flock and Download Web Developer

2. Then do the installation as directed, if it is installed it will appear with the advent of the Web Developer Toolbar icon menu

3. To edit CSS CSS go alone to the icon -> then click Edit CSS will display a new window Edit CSS

4. There are several tabs that can be used to try to edit the CSS, you should immediately go to the Embedded Styles Blogger CSS Code is where we are ready to mess with no fear of mistakes.

5. To facilitate the location of the CSS code that you want to edit, colleague stayed Style Information activate any function I click the icon CSS -> then click Style Information.

6. Do not forget to point the mouse to find its location, a new window will pop up information from the CSS code found

7. Please ruffled suck until your CSS code, if there is a mistake and want to re-edit, just close it and reopen it Edit CSS, easily khan :)

Once again the need to co note that the tools above is just a tool to facilitate us to try to edit CSS, Tools above is not automatically make changes to the final result an edited CSS code should still be stored manually on the Edit HTML. Sorry if I do not provide information about the complete CSS Syntax Coding Method on blogger template, if there are any questions please write in the comment section :)

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