Life Balance

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It is said, one day there was a young rising stars but felt that his life was not happy. His wife had been grumbling because they feel the family no longer had enough time and attention from her husband. Parents and extended family, and even consider it arrogant and no longer care for a large family. Job demands him to lose time for family, old friends, even when pondered to himself.

Until one day, because there is a problem, the lads have to go to one of the company officials in his home. Once there, he was amazed as it passes through landscaped gardens and so beautiful.

"Young man. Wait inside. Still there are some things that should Mr finish," said the host. Instead of entering, the young man approached and asked, "Excuse me, sir. How do you take care of the garden is so beautiful while still working and can make great decisions in our company?"

Without the distraction of work being done, the father replied pleasantly, "Young man, you want to see the beauty of others? You should surround the house. However, while driving around, take this bowl of milk. Never spill yes. Having it come back here".

With a little surprised, but happy, follow the order. Shortly thereafter, he returned with a bowl of milk relieved to not spill any. The father asked, "Young man. You see a collection of rock-batuanku? Alternatively met my favorite bird?"

While blush, the young man replied, "I'm sorry sir, I do not see anything because my concentration is on the bowl of milk. Okay, I'll go see it."

When he returned again from around the house, in a tone of delight and admiration he said, "The Father of really beautiful, beautiful, and comfortable." without being asked, he told me what he had seen. The father heard a satisfied smile as he glanced at the old eyes in a bowl of milk is low.
Recognizing the father glances toward the bowl, the young man said, "Sorry sir, Mr. fun enjoying the beautiful house, the milk spilled all".

"Hahaha! Young. What we learned today? If the milk in the bowl was full, so my house does not look beautiful by you. If my house look beautiful in your eyes, it all spilled milk. Much like that of life, must be balanced. Balanced keep so as not to spill milk all at once the house is also beautiful in your eyes. Balanced devote time to work and family. all returned to us, how to divide and exploit it. If we are able to balance wisely, then surely our lives will be harmonious. "

Immediately the boy smiled happily, "Thank you, sir. Not suspected I had found my answer to anxiety over the years. Now I know why people nicknamed Father as a wise and kind".


Can make a balanced life will certainly bring harmony and happiness. But it could make life a balanced, that's not easy. I think we need a process of the mind and mental maturation. It takes sacrifice, struggle, and continuous learning. And that, to stay alive in order to keep the balance and harmony, this is not a matter of 1 or 2 months, not a matter of 5 years or 10 years, but we need for life. Good luck!

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