Marketing Techniques Ala Sun Tzu

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Sun Tzu is a warlord who once lived in the years 403-221 BC. The work terbesarnyas was found in Silver Sparrow Mountain, Lin-i, Shantung province, the original manuscript that looks dull and brittle it started by the ancient Chinese history to be examined further.

The work of China's most admired classic to this day and have been translated into various languages ​​applied in different fields of science, good science business, marketing, entrepreuner, human, military science, as well as many others.

Having drawn the red thread, the science of Sun Tzu's strategy is similar to srategi in sales activities.

Sun Tzu taught his soldiers to win the war if it does not need to hold such pepepangan.Sama in product sales, a seller to increase sales should not make the consumers who have purchased later deterrent, but it should make the buyer make repeat purchases.

The vendor is expected to provide satisfaction to the customers, so that satisfied customers will be able to tell other people 4-5.

If other people have been told go buy the product and are satisfied, then the seller does not need to sell. In this condition has happened copyright sales caused by the activities of mouth to mouth.

Customers who are satisfied will tell their satisfaction to others. Therefore, the seller does not need to sell anymore because the role of word to mouth is extraordinary.

In this activity, the sellers are expected to have the same plan as taught by Sun Tzu before the war.

In the management plan is contained POAC (planning, organizing, actuating and controlling), while Sun Tzu using the PDCA (plan, do, check and action) which when applied to the sale means the seller must plan, conduct, control and act. That way the seller can maximize sales.

Sun Tzu had accomplices, one of whom was a pigeon post. This bird is able to send messages in the form of a letter thousands of miles away.
Why are carrier pigeons have very broad expertise such common? As it turns out if you like pigeons will come home mengikuuti way, if the course helped turn the pigeons turn. As soon as the soldier Sun Tzu, if you want to win the war also had to use the route visits.

Sun Tzu must have the ability to fool. He would lure the enemy soldiers down the mountain and destroy zu Sunt. Warrior Sun Tzu would make numerous fire and then turned off one by one.

The enemy troops thought Sun Tzu was backing away, but when the enemy is attacked, their topsy-turvy by Sun Tzu ambush soldiers. This activity is similar to lure consumers come to memebeli products cheap (price HPP) with the aim to invite consumers to buy other products. Sell ​​this way is called loss leader to sell the product, which is similar to one of the strategies that made Sun Tzu to lure the enemy.

Sun Tzu had an accomplice who helped in the war, among other pekayan, grooms, carrier pigeons, and arms makers, the accomplice is exactly even assist in the process of winning the war.
Meanwhile, the seller also has an accomplice, among other tradesman, the head of purchasing, store manager, SPG and merchandiser. Accomplice that will help the salesman in the process of increasing sales.

All this is taught to the seller is product knowledge and selling skills. Meanwhile, the routing skill rarely taught. To win the war, sun tzu would send spies to study the battlefield and the number of opponents.

And, to give encouragement to war, sun tzu drum that sounds a warrior spirit. While the vendors will be excited when repeatedly get motivated.

When the company started fast moving product, the sellers are expected to monitor the inventory on store shelves. Meanwhile, sun tzu jiks want to win the war will equip the soldiers and equip the soldiers and teach them to use natural resources for food, while the stock of war used as a backup.

If the lack of food that the soldiers can go down morale. In the meantime, if the sale of inventory shortages could harm the sellers themselves or customers.

Sun Tzu diligently wrote his war strategy on wooden planks in the land of exile. What is written if the analogy with what the seller is to make a report.

Sun Tzu wanted to win through strategy making. Meanwhile, the sellers if we are to achieve the target, he will monitor sales through manual reporting and print out reports.

To satisfy the king, sun tzu will win a hundred battles. In the sale of the sellers are required to provide customer satisfaction, because the sellers konsumeadalah boss. Without the customer, the company will go bankrupt. So the customer is the boss of the seller.

Having known everything turned leader is key keberhsilan sales. will conduct guidance and training.

Similarly, Sun Tzu if you want to win the war would train his soldiers in such a way. If ordered, and contemplate the sun tzu strategy can be a source of inspiration in winning sales vendors.

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