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Approximately one year ago there was a very surprising phenomenon, is the number of teachers who take action both in the capital maupuan in other areas, whether it is in order to demand an increase in the welfare of teachers or others. Komentarpun popping up in a variety of shades that are supportive, regret, cynicism, or indifference, or judge with various accusations. It is recognized that the less precise when teachers take action in the form of a demo, because it does not comply with the demands of the identity of the teacher as a source of normative values. But from the other side it can be said that the action was as something that happens naturally.

Indeed, it is visible only a minority of existing large permmasalahan around the teacher, like most of the iceberg is underwater. If you want to see in the horizon is quite extensive with the power of reason is clear and emphatic and attitude wise, so what happens in the form of a demo is a form of dynamic behavior As with human teachers. The demand increases welfare merupak visible tip of the iceberg at sea level, but the magnitude of the problem is the condition of disappointment yan been buried within a long age and nation states.

Departing from the above explanation, the problems or challenges related to the condition of the teacher and require attention in order to deal with are as follows.

1.Kuantitas, quality, and distribution

From the aspect of quantity, the number of teachers felt that there was still not enough to cope with the increase sisiwa and the demands of development now. From the aspect of kulaitas, most teachers today still do not have the minimum education and kompempetensi required. From the aspect of distribution, there is still an imbalance distribution of teachers between schools and between regions. From the aspect of compliance, in high school and BC, there is still a mismatch of teachers by subject area.

2. 2. welfare

Of justice welfare of teachers, there are still some gaps perceived as discriminatory perilakukan teachers as between teachers and other civil servants. From the aspect of service benefits, both material and non-material, admittedly still far from "satisfying" and "justice". Earned income of teachers compared to their duties and responsibilities are still very far away. Atar personal relationships, which is still felt not give a satisfactory embodiment. The working conditions of teachers, both physical and non-physical yet greater degree of satisfaction, though relatively better compared to the past. But places that do not meet the teaching can affect the working conditions of teachers, which in turn will affect the morale and job satisfaction. The case is a class of leaking, broken floors, classrooms collapsed, lack of tools, cramped and dirty pages, and so on. Next up is an opportunity to improve and develop careers that are still difficult to access by teachers. And the last is pengolongan systems and career teachers, who are now yet stimulating motivation.

3. Management Teachers

From the standpoint of human manjemen teacher, the teacher is still in the management of administrative berisifat less biokratis-based paradigm of education (including the management of government, power, politics, etc..). elements and aspects of the process, there is still only between sisitem kekurangterpaduan education, recruitment, appointment, placement, supervision, and pembinanan teachers.

4.  appreciation Against Teacher

Just as described above, until now the teacher has not received adequate recognition. So far the government has been trying to give awards to teachers in the form of an exemplary teacher selection, teacher creativity contest, outstanding teachers, and so on. Although not meberikan motivsi to teachers. The term "hero without merit badge" more perceived as harassment rather than appreciation.

5. Education Teachers

System of teacher education both pre-and in-service positions are still not guarantee the production of qualified teachers and in addition be entitled sisitem not related to the other. Teacher education put too much emphasis on the academic side, and less attention to pebgembangan keperibadian besides the lack of linkages with the demands of the development environment.

Seeing so many problems and challenges faced by teachers in both the present and the future, then the teacher must have the competencies that will help her deal with the problem. So in the end the purpose of education has been announced will be achieved. Adapau competencies are:

Pedagogic 1.Kompetensi. Which include: a) understanding or insight educational foundation, b) understanding of learners, c) development of curriculum / syllabus, d) the design of learning, e) the implementation of an educational learning and dialogue; f) evaluation of learning outcomes; g) the development of learners to actualize different potentials.

Personal 2.Kompetensi. That is the ability keperibadian that: a) stable, b) stable c) up d) wise and prudent; e) commanding f) the noble character; g) be a role model for students; h) evaluating the performance of its own, and i) develop self-sustainable.

Social 3.Kompetensi. That is the ability of educators as part of the community to: a) communicate orally and in writing, b) use information and communication technology functionally, c) effectiveness interacting with students, fellow teachers, staff, parents / guardians of participants didki, and d) sentun interacting with the surrounding community.

4. Professional competence

Brazilians ability to master the material in abundance breadth and depth of learning include: a) concept, structure, and methods kelilmuan / technology / art that is coherent with the teaching materials, b) teaching materials are in the school curriculum: c) the relationship between the concepts related subjects; d ) application of the concept kelimuan in everyday life: professional competence in a global context while preserving national values ​​and culture.

In line with global life, roles and responsibilities of a teacher in the future will increasingly Kompeks, so it requires teachers to continually perform various penigkatan competence and adjustment control. That teachers need to be more dynamic and creative in developing a process pembelajran students. If teachers do not understand the mechanisms and patterns of dissemination of information more go to fast, he will be dropped in a professional manner. For the professional challenges, teachers need to be anticipatory and proactive thinking. This means that teachers must reform its science and knowledge continuously.

In addition, future teachers must be aware of the research to support the effectiveness of learning dilaksanaknnya, so that the results support the teacher does not get stuck on a practice which, according to their assumptions pembelajran effective, but in reality it turned off the creativity of the students. So also with the results of the mutaakhir, allowing teachers to mengembangkaan pembelajran which varies from year to year, adapted to the context of the science and technology progress.

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