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Google did an update on some of their services, the first is an image search service or Google Images and the other is an update on the Google Analytics service.

For image search, Google did an update that allows users to search for images on Google faster. If the previous user takes a few clicks to see the image search results, so now the search results will be displayed in the panel and the choice lined particular search results will give you a bigger picture in the middle, you can move from one picture to another more quickly to see a larger picture.

This change was made based on feedback from the user or webmaster. Detailed information, including an explanation for the webmaster can be seen on the Google blog. Changes to this search is not yet available to all users, Google released gradually over the next few weeks.

In addition to the display, and perform image search experience on, the Google service Google Analytics is another update.

The most recent version of Google Analytics would eventually bring a better dashboard display with a selection of widgets and a new layout, then you will also enjoy the sidebar is more user friendly and quick access to make it easier to carry out checks or data analysis.

Then there are the features that make it easier to access the report or profile before you do, the search feature is also improved. Document export facility is also improved and now includes support for native Excel and Google Docs XSLX.

Along with this announcement Google also warned that in the Analytics service users can use shortcuts, seperrti the 's' to search,' Shift + A for access to a list of some other den account. Some of these features may have been able to be used but in full will soon be enjoyed by the user.

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