Not Ethical, Do not Do Business

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In social interaction, ethics is very important, people agree that there is ethical behavior that makes a person remain in a corridor that has been agreed, although it was not written.

But ethics are not the same as the law does seem at first glance have the same color, Legal ethics is often put into the system.

Well In the business world there are ethics that must be understood and acted by the actors involved.

While reflecting on the more ethical propriety actions, habits and manners of doing business.

Business ethics is understood as any form of ethical procedures must conform with courtesy and customs in general.

For example many ads promoting their products by comparing it with rival products.

There are some ads that are considered mocking other similar products of their products by insinuated (in the form of words), display images other products (with a thinly disguised), degrading advertising rival products (view of how to cite the words of the advertisement product).

There are even some ads that degrade product sainggannya publicly - to publicly display the product, logo or brand rival products are clearly on their ads.

In the business world there are businesses that are ethical and unethical business.

Understanding of business ethics is a specialized study of the moral right and wrong. This study concentrates on moral standards as applied in policies, institutions, and business conduct.

One Business ethics is not to speak ill of a competitor and always respect the existence of others.

Hopefully businesses in Indonesia are not only thinking of profits, but also the safety and comfort of customers.

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