Obesity Causes Most Vulnerable Due Lifestyle

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Understanding Obesity

The disease of obesity is now the most common disease experienced by humans. Improved well-being of life did not rule out the possibility of disease enters the human body, but instead cause other diseases arise. One such disease is obesity. Obesity is a condition where the body is the accumulation of excessive fat so overweight.

Indeed, humans need fat in the body that serve as energy, heat insulation and shock absorption, and other functions. But we need to know the normal ratio of total body weight is 25-30% the amount of fat in women, whereas in men is 18-23%. More than the number of these can be called obese. People who have weight more than 20% of the middle of the weight range can already considered obese and obese were classified into three groups as follows:

Mild obesity that those who are overweight 20-40%.
Obesity was that those with 41-100% overweight.
Severe obesity that those who are overweight by more than 100% and there is about 5% found in the fat people in the world.

However, we also need to notice that there is accumulation of fat that is still being reasonable. In women prone to accumulation of fat in the hips and buttocks so that his body into shape like a pear. In men tend to accumulation of fat in the abdomen so that her body shape like apples. But at certain times such as menopause, women may experience a body shape like apples and pear men. Well, they are at risk of obesity is to accumulate fat in the abdomen. Therefore, the picture of a pear body shape is actually better than the picture of the apple body shape.
Causes of Obesity

What exactly is the cause of obesity? Some say unhealthy lifestyle is the trigger. Yes, one of them is it. Here are some of the causes of obesity we need to know:

1. Family history.
Genetics is one of the causes of obesity. Genetic factors contribute 33% of the weight. But did you know that in fact not only the genes are passed on to offspring but also the lifestyle that has been accustomed to a family. So if parents tend to eat a lot of fat and the children were going to follow, not to mention because parents are also getting used like that.

2. Factors mind / psyche.
It can also affect a person's eating habits. For instance, could have been a reaction to emotional eating habits many acted on.

3. Environment.
Environment includes lifestyle patterns or acted by someone. Well, these environmental factors that activity and food intake can be one of the most dangerous trigger obesity. Genetic factors can not be changed but can be adapted to environmental factors.

Obesity should not be underestimated! This disease can lead to other dangerous diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke, heart disease and many other diseases. Therefore, a person who already have signs of obesity should immediately improve the pattern of life that is not affected by the other.

Before the obese would be better to watch. You can control yourself in the consumption of fatty foods especially those excessively. By doing enough physical activity so we can avoid the disease of obesity. Sometimes it takes a healthy diet even if it is nearly or already obese.

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