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This optimization technique is one blog or website optimization techniques are performed internally. This means that SEO is a technique that is only done for Optimization SEO blog content only techniques Onpage is arguably not too difficult, because here we only do or pay attention to the content that we have a high quality blog on search engines. Not only that, good blog content is content that is not made specifically for the search engines, meaning that your content herein is for your blog visitors but high quality for search engines. So not merely create quality content in the eyes of search engines but not quality in the eyes of visitors.

Optimizing the blog content with SEO techniques Onpage can be done with regard to the following:

How to Optimization blog with SEO techniques Onpage first is make the content as unique and original article may not copy paste.Bila alias targets your blog for Indonesian people use content in Indonesian language. If you find it difficult to create a blog article content is trying to open the same friends with the theme of your article content and record things or important points first and then write in the manner and style of your own language. If you have difficulty with the theme of our article article abaca try the idea of ​​writing a post titled determine who knows could be useful for you.

No blog article content that you try not too short. Arranged your article contains approximately 500 to 800 words.

Note the density of the keywords in the content of your blog article. Keep total keywords contained within your body text should be between 5-20% of the total words in the body. Excessive keywords can be considered spam and is not preferred Tenti google

Note also the density of each keyword in the blog article, try keyword appears every 200-300 characters in a sentence or 1-6% of the total words. Or at least every 1 paragraph 1 times your keyword appears. (Recommend one paragraph 2 appeared, interspersed with LSI)

Keyword in H1, H2 and H3. For H1 headings is usually entered into blog content. So you do not need to include it again in the text body. try also contain H2 and H3 tag containing your keyword in the text body.

Gunankan also keyword alt tag within image / picture. Use images in your content, where the image should be related to the article or the alt tag containing your keyword. (Do not use the image for image having copyright or TM)

Try to view the first links are internal. Use your keywords containing the URL to the article on your other blog.

Do not forget to make sure your keywords are also there in the first paragraph and last paragraph of content / article your blog.

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