Pros and Cons of the Dofollow Blog

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Currently, dofollow is a word that is familiar to us, especially for bloggers who like hunting backlinks by commenting. Still many are hesitant to make their blogs dofollow due to several factors, such as fear of rank unmatched by other bloggers, or fear its pagerank in circumcision by Uncle Google. I myself can not comment on this one because I was not an employee of Google. Some time ago, Blogger has made an entire blog based Blogspot be no follow because of the technique to create a dofollow link in the comment to be easy, maybe one of you have often practiced. The techniques I will not discuss because it is no longer useful because Blogger is now more firmly against comment spam. But in this post I will try to review some of the advantages and disadvantages of dofollow blogs.


* Got a traffic increase are manifold, especially if you are using WordPress and uses KeywordLuv plugin, you will get traffic from search engines to a hefty amount
* Got comments doubled, to know yourself is why :)
* Usually there will be many loyal visitors (loyal readers) who always visit our blog
* The number of feed subscribers increased dramatically, as customers want to always follow your blog updates
* Blogs are becoming increasingly popular if your blog is popular with the state previously had no follow.
* Gets steady traffic although rarely updated blog
* Appreciate the commentators who have bothered to comment, thus motivating them to give better comments


* Many of the comments that are spam with the aim of simply just get a backlink
* It is certain you will be overwhelmed taking care of the many comments (if you moderate all the comments)
* The opportunity to sell links or advertising is reduced because the advertiser can utilize your blog dofollow.
* If too many comments (above about 100), then the search engines will index your blog overwhelmed because too many outgoing links.
* If the backlinks-backlinks is still a theme to your blog, it does not matter, BUT if the blog is far from the theme of your blog (such as selling drugs or anything that is not related to the blog), then maybe the search engines will consider a blog Your blog is just junk.
* If you are using self-hosted WordPress, then maybe you'll quickly run out of bandwidth due to too many page impressions because visitors want to leave backlinks in almost all posts.
* Comments that are less good, in which there are various kinds of links. Even comments weighs, but if too many links will be less good in the eyes of search engines.

I have given some examples of the advantages and disadvantages of dofollow blogs. Make dofollow blogs can create traffic increase fast enough, but there are various problems associated with spam. Finally, the decision remains in the hands of you, so think carefully. Guest next post I will discuss how to make your blog dofollow but do not look spammy.

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