Renewal of Islamic Education Sayyid Ahmad Khan

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Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan is known as a prominent reformer among the Indian Muslims in the 19th century and have brilliant ideas. Even the idea of ​​the State of Pakistan stems from the idea and coined by Muhammad Iqbal, then finally realized by Ali Jinnah in August 14, 1947. Various reforms have thought dimunculkannya devastating for the people of India further progress, both in the field of education, religious, social, political or other fields.

Sayyid Ahmad Khan found the status of Indian Muslims, can only be realized through cooperation with the British. Because, at that time, England was the ruler who invaded India and still has a strong power. Challenge his rule would not be good for the Muslims of India, and even will keep them back and eventually be far behind the Hindu India.

In addition to the base height and the Western powers, including those owned by the UK is a science and technology (Science) modern. For Muslims, to be developed as well as they can master science and technology, way to go on Muslims to acquire the necessary science and technology was not cooperating with the Hindus against the British, but to improve and strengthen relations with them.

He argues that Islam is a religion of reason. He rejected everything in religion contrary to the facts of science that has been proven true. He saw that the Indian Muslims retreated because they were not up to date. Classical Islamic civilization has been lost and it has raised a new civilization in the West. Basic new civilization is Western science and technology and the process of European science and technology as a way to facilitate realizing their desires, including the conquering Muslims. Conquest can be done easily, because Muslims do not have advantages in the areas controlled by Western Nations.

Modern science and technology is the result of a human mind, because it is the western world got high appreciation. If Muslims want to progress must be willing to respect the mind. Sayyid Ahmad Khan appreciate rational minds, he believes that the strength and freedom and human freedom in determining the will and deed, be left entirely to the man himself.

In other words, he has the same familiar with Qadariyah (free will and free act) and not sensible Jabariyah or fatalism. In line with the schools Qodariyah, he believes that for every creature of God or nature has determined tabi'at. Defined nature of God and that the Qur'an is called sunnatullah. Everything in nature happens according to the law of cause and effect. Because of the strong belief in the laws of nature and hard he retains the concept of natural law, he considered infidels by Muslim groups who have not been able to accept the idea.

The first step is to establish performed Mudarabad British School (1861) and Ghazipur (1863). Both the school was founded on the crowded endorsement, famous people, Hindus and Muslims. The school is said to be getting more sympathy than English schools established by Christian preachers.

Ahmad Khan translation attempts to organize important books, and in 1864 formed The Translation Society at Ghazipur which later known as The Scientific Society. After returning from England he published a journal that urdu language al-Akhlaq Tahdheeb first edition published in December 1870. The journal is used to spread the ideas of renewal Ahmad Khan, as well as other figures are in line with it.

The journal was very influential very knowledgeable, not only as a medium of spreading reform ideas, but also in its role in the development of urdu literature. Business peak Ahmad Khan in the field of education was the establishment of Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College (MAOC), in 1875, at Aligarh. And in 1920 changed its name to the Aligarh Muslim University.

After University Aligarh had stood majestic, Sayyid Ahmad Khan looking for ideas to improve public education in Islamic India. He realized that the university was not enough to accommodate over 70 million people at the time. Tahun1886, he formed Mohammedan Educational Conference through trial among Islamic scholars to discuss public education issues of Islam in India. Konferen is a tool of intellectual revival and dissemination of knowledge more widely. There among intellectuals used to evoke the spirit of the meeting for the renewal of social, economic and intellectual progress of the Muslim community in India.

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