Research Human Resources - Employee Who Cares Only a third

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Research Human Resources - Employee Who Cares Only a third!! Company - perusahhan in Indonesia, especially private enterprises, tend have a problem related to the loyalty and performance of its employees. Consequently, nearly 2/3 of employees in Indonesia or 70.13 million employees have no engagement or willingness to work and strive earnestly to achieve the goals and values ​​of the company and are proud to be part of the company.

This was revealed by the results of research conducted Towers Watson Global Workforce Study (GWS) 2012 with a sample of 32,000 employees in 29 countries, including the our country Indonesia. In Indonesia, Towers Watson conducted research online during February-March 2012 munggunakan 1005 employees as a sample.

GWS find data that only about spertiga (36.07%) or about 35.07 million employees who really care about the company they work for. This is unfortunate because the company has a high engagement can have operating profit nearly tripled compared to companies with low engagement levels.

Effect sequel, employees who do not engeged likely to leave their jobs within two years, which is about 38%. Meanwhile, only about 21% of engaged employees who want to leave their company while in the same period.

These results Towers Watson research:

1. High Engaged Employees (Very Concerned) 36%
2. Employees Detached (Neutral) 25%
3. Employees Disengaded (Do not Care) 23%
4. Employees UNSUPPORT (No Support) 17%
source: Infobank magazine in October 2012 and Towers Watson

It's a terrible fact, if it has spread in our company, especially when the company we are keen-getolnya to advance and develop.

So my article this time, which became a question, whether this is also happening in your company?

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