Selfish Impact On Business

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Have you ever heard yourself say, "This is my business, and I will do whatever I want with my business?" Get rid of this attitude is the first step if you want to change your business for the better.

Maybe you're a genius, but you also have to realize that you do not know everything.

Therefore, you may need the cooperation and input from others. You can make this if you set your ego.

How is your attitude to affect your business? "It is my business, I'll do what I want to do with it." Negative attitude affect your business bis:

Thought is an anti-customer thinking that should be removed from the minds of every entrepreneur.

You put your needs first instead of finding out what your customers want.

You run a business in a way that is convenient for you. Of course, you are the ruler and master of your own business. Once a business starts to sweat, blood and tears you.

However, business is not about your ego. The customers are not patronizing your business by paying tribute to you because of what you have created and accomplished.

Instead, they buy your product or service because it suits their needs.

So, in the world of management there is no "I", there is only the word "we".

Ego is not at all recognized in the management, although it does not mean ego can disappear with the passive.

It's just how we manage our ego so that the desired goals and objectives can be achieved effectively.

Actually, not only the goals and objectives into an interest.

More than that during the process to achieve it becomes much more important.

So my advice is, Put your ego in place if you're in business.

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