Teaching and Class Management

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Activities of teachers in the classroom include two main points, namely teaching and managerial activities (Department of Education, 1983:9; M. Entang and Raka Joni T., 1983). Teaching activities aimed directly activate for students achieve learning goals. Among other teaching activities such as studying the needs of the students, preparing lesson plans, presenting the material, ask questions, assess student progress. Managerial class activities intended to create and maintain a classroom atmosphere that teaching can take place effectively and efficiently. Among other managerial activities such as developing a good relationship between teachers and learners, immediate reward, develop rules of the game in group activities, termination behavior of learners who deviate or do not conform with the regulations. Thus, in the process of teaching and learning in schools can be distinguished the two groups of problems, namely the problem of teaching and classroom management problems.

Many teachers are less able to distinguish between issues of teaching and classroom management issues, so that the solution becomes less precise. Classroom management issues must be addressed with corrective action, while teaching problem must be addressed by action learning. Pak Kusno PPKN studies teachers, for example, teaching by using a strategy to attract, develop variety of methods, and multi-media for students who are reluctant to take part in the discussion groups are interested, active, and industrious. Troubleshooting is made sir Kusno are certainly not appropriate, because it makes the lesson more interesting is the problem of teaching, while students are reluctant to take part in group activities is a matter of classroom management. But there is no doubt that the denunciation learners will hinder the achievement of specific objectives to be achieved through the teaching activities of the group in question. By contrast, private hubunganantar (in-terpersonal) good between teacher and students, between students and students (an index of the success of the management class) does not by itself guarantee the learning process will be effective. In this regard, the management class is an absolute prerequisite for the effective teaching and learning process (M.Entang and Raka Joni T., 1983).

Although the term teaching (teaching) and teaching (instruction) senng used synonymous, is very useful when looking at teaching as something that has two interrelated dimensions: teaching and management. Pengaj;.: .. Ran and management can be distinguished, but in the implementation of learning 'are both difficult to separate. Management intends to enforce and maintain behavior of students towards learning effective and efficient - facilitate managerial achievement. Both teaching and management aims to prepare or process - that process or prepare teacher behaviors that are expected to provide convenience to the achievement of certain goals (Webe, 1993: 1).

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