The importance of education to save on your kids

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instilling values ​​education should begin from early childhood education, including the importance of savings must also be implanted so that children can see and understand what the benefits of saving as early as possible.

Many ways we can do to teach the importance of saving education to our children so that they can set aside some money for savings. This is where the role of parents to instill the value of education savings from introducing the children how to set aside money and frugality.

Tips and how to get used to saving money on your kids

Children should be educated about the meaning of money. Age ana how to cultivate our children the importance of money for their future so that they will be able to remember and understand why they should appreciate the money

Explain to children the meaning pentinya value of saving. Explain to them why they should set aside money along with what benefits they will get from setting aside some of their money is Giving Suggestion saving benefits. Instill values ​​with the suggestion that they set aside money for savings someday they will not have trouble if they wanted one day to buy something they want in the future.

Provide a means of saving money. Point is where the importance of the provision of investment education saving values ​​to children. Keep the kids are introduced to the places where the They should save their allowance partially right. Introducing places and ways to save the right example by inviting them to visit the bank - the bank nearest to you, or if necessary, if there is a program that you visit the bank there is a special program for children of their age Generate immediate special account for them there.

By instilling the value of saving as early as possible in children is expected of course they will be able to manage their own finances. For those of you parents should also be an example of them anyway. Familiarize children with whom your child when you are saving so that you can be a good role model for your children.

A little info for you maybe this could also be a reference for you, that is now in Bank Mandiri Best Bank in Indonesia there is a special program for your children the savings program where you can create an account and save money at the Bank Mandiri only the initial deposit 20 thousand only . Maybe with some of the above could be an input for you to teach the importance of saving money on the education of your children

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