The success of Ibrahim Lubis As Blogger

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Achieving Success With The ideals and earnest

The success of Ibrahim Lubis As Blogger
Ibrahim Lubis is a Graduate student IAIN North Sumatra, Indonesia, in addition to actively teaching, Ibrahim Lubis is also active in the blog. For ibrahim blog is an excellent facility for the express knowledge that exists.

Success is the main thing "is the ideal ibrahim since childhood. The success of the success can be carried anywhere either real or a dream. Formerly ibrahim does not recognize the internet and blogs, but be due to the curiosity about the world in a blog, then on 08 March 2012 Ibrahim eventually try to make blogs.

At the start of a little knowledge about the blog, this time Ibrahim Lubis has won success of blogs they manage, not only earn money, but also increasingly ibrahim known. Not many blogs are managed ibrahim lubis, there are only 3 important blog that he managed.

Ibrahim has a good reason why a blog should be used, according to Ibrahim Lubis that the blog is a place to share knowledge, experiences, articles, life, business and others. Ibrahim as saying "I'm using the blog as to share knowledge and to share the knowledge to the readers, I hope my article useful by many people".

Message Ibrahim Lubis Brought to you that he said "Make the current technology as a place to share knowledge, not as something that is not useful, and give the knowledge you have even a little bit, because it is a very valuable contribution to you."

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