The universe

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In the study of the Islamic Educational Philosophy Educational Philosophy Ontology focused on Islam, trying to peel of the nature of Islamic education and Islamic education organization patterns. Reality is reality, or the reality of the truth about something. Thus, ontology explore the essence of education is the education of Islam, true Islam in education with all the surrounding pattern of organization, including the nature of Islamic education and Islamic education science, the nature of Islamic education goals, human nature, nature and science and how its position in the philosophy of Islamic education .

In the Islamic perspective, the universe is everything other than Allah, therefore, the universe is not only the heavens and the earth only, but includes all of the existing, well cover the concrete and the abstract or which can not be observed by the human sensing. Where is divided into two worlds, the natural and the supernatural realm martyrdom. Universe where the positions of the Islamic view of educational philosophy, namely as a teacher for humans, and also a sign of the presence and power of the creator. So also with the man, but God created the universe, God also created man, which will act as a leader or controller of the universe that has been created by God. And in view of the philosophy of Islamic education, man was created to have a particular position, namely as a caliph in the earth, as Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 30-32. Where the position could be higher or lower than all that is on earth. Where it all depends on the character and reason (science) it.

In the ontological perspective, the position of science in the philosophy of Islamic education is as if the result of the soul, the senses, and the power of human reason that can serve as a source of scientific truth. And in Al-Qur `an also mentioned that the position of the learned higher than in people who are not knowledgeable. So in Islam, is emphasized in the search for knowledge, through education, both formal, informal and non-formal. Karna with the science, it can distinguish between good and bad, as well as distinguish the dignity of man as caliph d earth. The universe is a reality faced by humans, which until now only a small part that can be known and expressed by humans. For a scientist would realize that man is made not to conquer the entire universe, but make it as a facility and means of knowledge that can be developed from the existing human potential when ajali.

The process of education takes place in the pruralistis interaction (between subjects with the natural environment, social and cultural) is determined by its human aspect. Because the position of humans as subjects in society, even in the universe, provide great responsibility consequences for human beings. Human undertaking to guide the community, nurture the natural environment together. even the man primarily responsible for human dignity (human dignity). Not only that, in the Islamic perspective of the universe not only includes concrete things that can be observed through the five senses, but also the universe is everything that its existence can not be observed by the human senses.

The universe is Allah ciptaaan dedicated to man who then mandated by the caliph to maintain and memeliharaan universe, but it is also a mediation universe for human beings to acquire knowledge processed through education. Of special speakers that discuss Essence of the Universe according to Islamic perspective Philosophy of Education consists of understanding, the creation of the Universe, the purpose and function of the creation of the Universe and the Universe implications for Islamic education.

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