Tips For Making Android Remote Control Your Computer

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Starting from a desire to look like a mouse bluetooth applications that are sold in the market, I finally found a working application as a bluetooth mouse that can be labeled with up to 150 thousand dollars. In store play we can get a lot of applications that can make our android as a mouse, but there are some interesting applications which turned out to have a remarkable ability, not just a wireless mouse. I tried several apps, dar initially named ultimate control, unified remote, mobile mouse lite (which is sempet interested, too, but not so in the install because it does not support the bluetooth connection), remote android mouse and finally, my choice falls to All In One Remote homemade hishambakr.

Applications I was looking for was I selected for several reasons, the first one can connect via bluetooth or wifi and the second has many functions not only as a mere mouse. Function other than as a mouse is a keyboard, control computer applications such as a movie player, music player, presentation, joy pad and the third should support in windows or linux OS, because I use dual OS.

Of all the applications I tried, some of the problems that occur are difficult to connect via bluetooth, maybe because I am not able mensettingnya (all of the apps that I tried could not connect via bluetooh, but there was a menu), so had to use the wifi connection. This has been my problem, because I'm using windows xp that does not support to create a wifi access point, in contrast with windows 7. windows xp only support making ad hoc mode can not be detected by Android, if you are using windows 7, you can use the software "virtual wifi router" to help create a wifi ap. Another problem, especially for a movie player application, the buttons do not go perfectly because updates software movie player, so keyboard shortcuts are also replaced.

But all these problems missed by the All In One Remote. I finally made the connection using wifi tether which is a facility of my android phone ICS, with this facility you can share the Internet connection from the gadget to the computer. This application successfully detect and clientnya server. In contrast to android remote mouse, this application can not detect any connection between your gadgets with the server. And more cool again, All In One Remote app provides remote path to make their own menu to suit our needs. Custome remote is very useful to overcome the problems I have mentioned. For example, for the media player classic movie player, the play, stop, volume increase can run well, but decrease the volume and full screen can not. The solution is based on our own to make a shortcut on a remote computer.

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