Tips Heaps Reduce Belly Fat

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Tips Heaps Reduce Belly FatExcess fat on stomach often makes women less confident because they think it looks less perfect. Not just about physical appearance, abdominal fat or belly fat is often associated with serious health problems such as heart, lungs and kidneys. What exactly is belly fat and how to prevent it?

According to Doctors and Specialists Endrokrinolog antiaging Dr. Deepak Chaturdevi, belly fat or abdominal obesity is a medical term that forms the excess fat in the abdominal area. These fats can occur in any person at any age, male or female.

The causes of belly fat is not known with certainty, but can be influenced by environmental and genetic factors. That is, the more prone to occur in those whose parents also have excess fat in the abdomen. Another factor for decreased insulin sensitivity, smoking, consumption of junk food, late-night eating habits, stress, digestion is not smooth or intestinal problems.

When it is the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, would be a bit difficult to eliminate or reduce them. Required commitment for a healthy diet and regular exercise. In certain circumstances, even the fat needed to be removed with plastic surgery.

But for those of you who do not already have excess belly fat, there are ways to prevent it. "Not just physical exercise, but the important thing is what you eat; proper diet is mandatory if you want to avoid abdominal obesity," said Dr. Deepak.

He added, "Abdominal obesity mean insulin level and elevated stress hormones. If you have excess fat in the abdomen, clearly indicates that there is something wrong in your system and you need to fix it in a proper way to avoid health problems."

Here are some ways you have to do to keep the body away from excess belly fat for good:
  1. Drink lots of water every day. Water is a 'cure' a powerful natural to get rid of toxins, including excess fat.
  2. Eat on time. Chew food slowly before swallowing. Stomach would be easier to accept food that has been digested in the mouth with good. The habit of chewing food slowly are less likely to hoard excess weight.
  3. Reduce carbonated drinks because they contain a lot of sugar that have the potential to store fat. It would be healthier if you eat lemon water
  4. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber
  5. Consumption of foods with smaller portions, and eat every 3-4 hours
  6. Avoid eating too late
  7. Perform physical exercise at least 45 minutes every day. Not necessarily in a gym or fitness club Simply by increasing the movement in your daily life
  8. Getting enough sleep at night, at least 7-8 hours a day
  9. Eat foods low in fat.
  10. Check cholesterol levels regularly, at least once a year
  11. Control your weight

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