Tips Menu Food Anti Cholesterol

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Tips Menu Food Anti Cholesterol
Metabolism that is no longer perfect, forcing you to pay more attention to food intake for a healthy body. Also shape the body naturally. Studies show if this decrease occurs when you are entering the age of 30 years. Where the combustion energy is no longer optimal. As a result, the food consumed only accumulate in certain body parts.

Onwards, cholesterol would be welcome. It will also be followed by the risk of heart disease, diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and others. To avoid these problems, make a change in diet. Here's a list of anti cholesterol foods you need to consume.

1. Wheat

The content of beta-glucans which is the type of soluble fiber in oats can help slimming. In addition, a unique antioxidant found in wheat as well as protective against atherosclerosis. That is the buildup of plaque on artery walls. Consumption of 3 grams of wheat, every day is enough to reduce levels kolestreol up to 50 percent. And any reduction in cholesterol, it will also bring positive effect on heart health.

2. Cherri

The fruit is proven to be very effective as an antioxidant to combat the condition of "middle age". Especially in men, Cherri can control the levels of uric acid. You can eat fresh fruit or juice without sugar Cherri. Cherri or yogurt.

3. Almond

Almond serves to normalize blood sugar levels to reduce cholesterol. The study also revealed that when 20 adults who ate almonds as much as 60 grams per day, for four weeks showed a decrease in blood sugar, also lowers bad cholesterol. Almonds also offer protection against heart disease and diabetes.

4. Fish oil

Omega 3 from oily fish also helps reduce the risk of irregular heartbeat and blood pressure. Best sources of omega 3 are salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, and herring. Consumption of fish regularly can also keep away from the risk of stroke.

5. Soybean

Reason to choose soy as a healthy food is the content of isoflavones in soy, which is associated with decreased cholesterol. In women, soy is also able to increase bone density after menopause. In men, soy can also improve fertility.

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