Tips on How to Photographing With Smartphones

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Tips on How to Photographing With Smartphones
You must often use your smartphone to slingshot the things that interest you, but sometimes a lot of mistakes that occur in taking photos with your smartphone. for that you need to read the tips below so you are able to obtain a good image quality.

1. Note the camera lens

Gabriel noted that the majority of smartphone users are not putting the device in good condition. As a result, when used dirty camera lens and the results were less vibrant images. Before taking note of your smartphone camera lens is clean.

2. Note the room light

The camera does not have the features of a smartphone that supports shooting in low lighting conditions, thus Gabriel suggested that smartphone users pay attention to the lighting conditions before apprehended picture.

3. Use high quality

To produce good images, sometimes before the shooting image quality settings related note, it is recommended to use the maximum quality in order to obtain good results. However, keep in mind when using high quality images, will certainly drain the storage space.

4.Posisi horizontal shooting

Gabriel advised more smartphone users to use the position of shooting horizontally (landscape) rather than using the vertical position (portrait).

5.Use the composition of 1/3 and 2/3

For those of you who already understand photographic techniques, composition may have been the main guide. However, for those who do not know, use a composition of 1/3 or 2/3 parts so that the resulting picture frames clear.

6.Gunakan additional software

After taking into account a number of suggestions snapped the above, the next question is how to process the image so that it looks more attractive. For those of you smartphone users can use a lot of photo editing apps available in app stores like Android Market and iTunes.

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