Tips on How to Solve Black Berry error

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For BlackBerry users usually your activity will be disturbed when you have to hang your BlackBerry or error. The cause hang or error exists because an assortment of phone memory is too full, the application does not work, never dropped or because of other reasons.

Usually what you do is turn off the BlackBerry, then open the lid and then open the battery BlackBerry mobile phone. After settling a few minutes and then reinsert the battery, close the cover and turn on again. But actually there is a way to cope with BlackBerry hang or error.

Here's how to cope with BlackBerry hang or error:

  1. Remove the cover BlackBerry.
  2. Disconnect the battery BlackBerry.
  3. Set aside some time around 3 minutes.
  4. Insert the battery and cover BlackBerry.
  5. Let the red notification light is on, when the LED lights off quickly press backspace / escape to the right of the trackball / trackpad.
  6. When the screen opens and appears safemode or safe mode and then press OK / Yess.
  7. Then came confirmation of the date and time and then press OK.
  8. Delete / uninstall the problematic applications. How to access the Application Options and then look for applications is problematic.
  9. When finished then restart your BlackBerry Mobile.

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