Tips on Keeping Healthy While Flood

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Tips on Keeping Healthy While Flood
Flood, would not want anyone coming. One factor of concern is the health of all people. To maintain your health and family, we have some tips as follows.

1. Maintain physical hygiene, such as washing hands or shower with soap after contact with flood water. Make sure the water you use to clean the body is water that is not contaminated by chemicals.

2. Eating nutritious foods and cooking ascertained using water and cooking utensils clean.

3.Jangan linger using wet clothes. Although your clothes drenched flooded, immediately replace with dry clothing. Because, from the beginning of the wet clothes that illness.

4. If you have to be in the flood affected areas, make sure you use gloves and boots to protect your hands and feet.

5.If a dangerous disease, immediately bolt to the nearest hospital.

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