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Look beautiful and healthy is the desire of every woman. Smoothness and firmness of the skin all over the body is an essential part to achieve the perfection of beauty. Look beautiful and healthy requires special care to do traditionally. Traditional treatments include skin care tubuhsecara body to do the daily care (bathing). weekly maintenance can be done with (Massage / massages, body scrubs and bath / shower spices), specialty care (care of the female breast and the area) and herbal drink that works to care for the health and skin fitness, relaxation and deal with issues emotional

a. Daily Care (bath)

Bathing is an activity of the body with water washing is done by spraying water, spray water, or soak in water bodies. Humans need a shower to remove sweat, dirt and dead skin cells. Bathing is not only beneficial to maintain a healthy, keep it neat appearance, keep away from stress but also to maintain good health. In general, the benefits of a bath is to cleanse the body. Currently shower activity can be done with a variety of ingredients and fragrances, such as bath milk, chocolate bath, mud bath, steam bath (sauna) and so on.

Bathing every day is very important so that we stay healthy skin, protected from germs and can help to prevent body odor less savory. The body will be dirty and spend a lot of sweat after performing various daily activities. Bathing with soap to clean the skin of any dirt and dust, so after showering body will be clean, fresh and healthy. Shower activity usually use soap to clean the dirt on the body. When a body scrub with soap and do a little soft massage to exfoliate and remove dead skin and old. Exfoliation will make your skin smooth and fresh. The use of soap is important to clean the dirt and dust from the surface of the skin and kills germs attached to the body. Bathing with cold water will make your body become fresh and when using warm water, your muscles will be more comfortable and relaxed.

Bath soap made from traditional herbs have many benefits that are good for the skin, such as soaps that contain olive oil, sunscreen, extra flower cape, ylang flower extract, menthol, seeds kasturi, sekar flower pollen extract. Bath soap with herbs traditionally has a function to soften, moisturize, prevent dryness, protect from ultra violet rays, relieve itching, prevent prickly heat, and prevents body odor problem. The use of soaps, toiletries and shower activity can be explained as follows:

1) Choosing the soap to each skin type

Under its terms, the soap has the same meaning as the detergent. Soap comes from the word sapo because there is a process in the manufacture of soap detergent derived from saponification while deterjere word, meaning to clean. Keduanyan works to clean and both are soap. Soaps are divided into two types: classical or conventional soap before we know it, is made from the fat or vegetable oil and salt alkali (base), the second type of synthetic soap is made from synthetic materials.

Synthetic material in question is surfactan, antioxidants (so the soap does not smell rancid), moisturizers, dyes, stabilizers or lowering pH (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid) and perfume. All of these compositions is in its designation balanced composition, skin type and purpose of use, eg for body fragrance, perfume available soaps with ingredients, there is also a health soap.

a) bath soap for dry skin

Use soaps that contain lots of moisturizer (moisturizer). Choose a soap with a pH balanced (pH balance), which is about 6-7 because our skin is acidic pH, around 4 - 6.5, otherwise avoid soaps and so is too high alkaline or high pH. If the pH is too high, the coat will be released. Leather coat and acidic water binding function. The loss of function resulted leather coat so disturbed so that the skin is getting dry. Avoid soap or sulfur-containing antiseptic because it will make the skin drier.

b) Choose soap for normal skin

In general, normal skin is not too troubled by the choice of soap. However, you should choose a soap that has a pH balanced.

c) Bath Soap for sensitive skin types

For sensitive skin, avoid soap with additives that stimulate allergic responses, such as perfume additive materials. As an alternative, baby soap is very good because it hypoalergic.

2) Tools Bath

This shower activity to maintain the cleanliness and health of the skin. Enhancing properties can be felt up, how to bathe to be done right. Various toiletries can be used to help remove the dirt on the body when bathing.

Back brush, cleaning and rubbing the function back.
Body brush, work exfoliate dead skin.
Loofah, sponge with the rough texture of the shower puff. Well if it is used after strenuous activity until the skin perfectly clean.
Shower puff, useful to reach the area behind the body. Choose a soft material. Advantages easy and economical bath soap.
Sponge, to clean up the body more carefully, without irritating. For the face use a special sponge smoother texture.
Shower cap to cover her hair in order to be protected from splashes of water or foam soap.
Pumice, berpungsi cleaning parts - the rough parts, such as the ankle, knee and elbow hand.

3) How to Shower

Bathing is an activity of the body and skin care has many benefits. How to bathe right to maximize the benefits of bathing.

Make bathing twice a day.
Select the appropriate soap skin type and intended use.
Use soap evenly across the body as did when rinsing.
There is no fundamental difference between liquid soap (liquid soap) with soap bars (solid soap). Second choice, rather that use functional considerations, such as hygiene reasons, economical and practical.
When bathing, use water flowing from the water bath for hygiene reasons.
Keep soap bars in the hollow base container section and the top closed.

b. Weekly Maintenance
Weekly maintenance is very important in order to improve health care, hygiene and beauty skin body that is not quite done with just doing the daily care (bathing) only. Traditional body treatments can be done with care massage (massage), nursing scrubs, bath (shower spices).

Preparations prior to treatment the body is clean and tidy room hygiene, massage beds that have been laid out neatly, and prepare all need to do a traditional body treatments, such as preparing equipment, linen, materials and cosmetics. The tools needed are: a small table, basin, bowl and brush to scrub. Materials and linen required are:

cotton / tissue, large and small towels, hair bendo, wash cloth, pedestal for a small table, cloth / camisole. Cosmetics needed include: essential oils for massage, scrubs, and lotions rempahrempah.

Appearance is an important factor that can affect self-confidence and stability as well as the success of one's personality. Good personality can make someone's life more comfortable and enjoyable. Good appearance can not be separated from the health factor and how to maintain in order to remain beautiful and healthy. Body treatments can be done traditionally, using natural ingredients, which is the nation's cultural heritage.

Stages contraindications should be done before treatment body massage performed, in order to determine abnormalities or tenderness that is in the client's body. With contraindications volume or pressure can be determined movement or pressure massage movements that are tailored for a particular body or body part of the client's body. In a contraindication to the examination include:

a) Reflection and muscle relaxation

Reflection and muscle relaxation is done by touching, rubbing and pressing on parts of the body so that it can be determined whether there bruised, swollen, painful, clumping of fat or cellulite tissue, skin texture and tone muscle composition. For example, thrombo-phlebitis and similar conditions is inflammation of the veins. Surrounding skin looks red, hot and swollen. If the surrounding skin is touched, feel soft and sick. If a blood clot forms in a vein, then to massage the lump moves and can be fatal (death) if the clot in the vein.

b) High Temperature / Fever

The body in a state of fever will remove toxins. So it is not advisable to do the massage, because it will trigger the production of toxins in the body.

c) Infectious Skin Diseases

A type of skin disease acne and eczema is not contagious, and even be healed by using lavender essential oils. Massage banned for skin surface inflammation under the skin like boils.

d) or Operation New Scar

Used fresh wounds or open sores on the client should not be massaged on the section.

e) The condition of inflammation (bursitis)

Symptoms of the infection are redness, hot, tender and sore to the touch and should inflamed part is prohibited massaged.

f) Cancer

This gentle massage for cancer patients. Edorfin hormone production in response to massage, can relieve pain caused by cancer.

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