Understanding the value of togetherness

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As social beings, humans by nature are inseparable from a sense of togetherness. No individual can stand alone without the help of others. Therefore, togetherness must have values ​​that can bridge the most important people in achieving the real essence of life.

With diwujudkannnya togetherness can lead people to think, act, behave, work, and go. Shared values ​​is the value that is realized in every human being will quickness did not have a thing. In the sense that it brings a sense of community needs directly or indirectly. The benefits contained in nlai-value of togetherness among others:

1. Communication and mutual understanding. With the togetherness, fertile ground for smooth communication can occur.

2. Viewing direction and a step towards the vision. Togetherness unify the direction of view. That way, it can give rise to a capital that focused on the vision to realize a mission.

3. Team formation and effectiveness. With a capital of togetherness, team building team work so much easier.

4. Indivisibility for dynamic stability. Togetherness is a basic tool for the realization of a dynamic stability within an association.

5. Conducive to openness. With the togetherness can foster a sense of openness that is by an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and criticisms in exercising better.

6. Sharing and caring. Only in situations that the values ​​of togetherness grows, a critical innovation and kretif can be created.

The existence of shared values ​​in an age where technology plays a major role is required. This is due to the magnitude of potential competition in the world is going to happen. Thus, a conclusion can be drawn that the real value of togetherness is always a part of the values, assumptions, and beliefs that exist in our daily lives that can not be separated in our nature as social individuals. It is simply to realize the successful performance of shared values ​​is to apply themselves.

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