Value of Life

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Once there was a young man who lives alone. Low education, living from working as agricultural laborers belong to a wealthy landowner. Although his life is simple but actually he can pass well daily.

At one point, the young man bored with his life. He did not understand, for what actually live in this world. Every day working in the fields for a bite of rice. Just to get through the day to wait when it will die. The young man was feeling empty, hopeless, and has no meaning.

"Instead did not know what to live for and just waiting to die, I'd better just end this life," he told himself. Prepared a piece of string and he intended to hang himself from a tree.

Trees to go, to see signs like that, suddenly interrupted gently. "Young people are handsome and kind, please do not hang himself in dahanku-old's. Unfortunately, when she was broken. Yet every morning there are a lot of birds that perch on it, singing cheerfully to entertain anyone who is around here."

With a grumble, the young man went to continue to choose other trees, not far from there. When ready, return the tree tiny voice, "Young man. Did you see up here, there was a wasp nest that is being done by so many bees assiduously and diligently. If you want to commit suicide, please move to another place. Have mercy on bees and humans who have worked hard but was unable to enjoy the results. "

Once again, without answering a word, the young man goes looking for another tree. The word didengarpun not much different, "Young man, because shade daunku, widely used by humans and animals to simply relax or take shelter under dedaunanku. Please do not die here."

After the third tree, the young pensive and thought, "Even a pohonpun so appreciate life. They love himself in order not broken, do not disturbed, and still to be able to protect the natural shade and useful for other creatures."

Immediately a new consciousness. "I'm human; young, strong, and healthy. Inappropriate I wipe my own life. Starting now, I have to have goals, and will work well to be also useful for other creatures."

The youth was returned to her with passion and a sense of relief.


If we fill our life with grumbling, complaining, and the pessimistic, of course we go through this life (with) feels burdened and when no longer able to hold back will allow us to take a shortcut that is suicide.

Conversely, if we are able to realize the truth of life is so beautiful and exciting, we would appreciate life. We will fill our lives, every day is full of optimism, full of hope and ideals championed, and able to get along with other humans.

So, do not serve the negative feelings. Drive away immediately. Make a habit of maintaining positive thoughts, positive attitude and positive action. Thus we will live this life full of gratitude, passion and a tremendous success!

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