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Uniqueness Mood

The feeling is common to use the term mood. Generally, the term mood that we understand as certain moods, it can be bad and good. If you look to the expert opinion, as quoted by Wikipedia, for example, the mood is an emotional state (state of emotion) that took place in relative terms, that its causes are often subjective or unclear. If a person feels fear, it's why, whether factual or perceptual (perceived causes a person). Similarly, if a person feels happy. Excitement arises because certain causes. But for mood, often it is not clear why or stimulus is often less factual. For example, we knew it was in a bad mood when going off to work.

The same explanation like we can get from his book Philip G. Zimbardo (Psychology and Life: 1979) on mood. Mood is a state of emotion that are not in the category of state (emotions triggered by certain external factors) or trait (a congenital form of emotion a person). Changes in mood can last hours or days in size. For some people, mood changes often affect the desire to do something or even can influence decisions and actions. As far as the effect was not related to the affairs of the important and crucial, maybe we can still say normal. His name is also the living. Nature just got the season and weather.

But, if it had spread to a very important matter, then it's hard to say it's normal. Suppose we were to pursue a particular skill. If we desire more often driven by changes in mood, it may be very slow progress we can achieve, we can achieve that should be faster, if ever we do not mut-mutants (moody). The more so if the mood changes that often we experience it comes to dealing with other people or organizations. For example, we suddenly canceling appointments with partners because of mood. We change the course of an agreed-upon people because of mood, or we take important decisions concerning the family as a matter of mood. Simply say, we've become a mut-mutants so difficult to handle.

Mood Disorder

In the study of psychology, there is a term called familiar mood disorder or mood changes that are no longer healthy or chaotic. Dr. C. George Boeree, from Shippensburg University (Mood Disorder: 2003), Mood Disorder explains that it is the side that has unhealthy extreme (pathological) of a particular mood changes, for example, are too excited or too poor (sadness and Elation).

The above definition flavor-it's enough to make us as a reference for self-improvement. Another matter of if we want to use it for presentations academic tasks that require so many theories, perspectives, and analysis of data or facts. For the sake of self-improvement, the effect of mood changes that need to be detected are:
Is the change of mood was really extreme until it practically very dangerous, such as reckless driving on the highway or slamming useful stuff for us to be fatal?

Is the change of mood was already really can cripple our function with so many responsibilities that have to be run up to us to be a "EGP" (Weve Gue Mind) for office tasks, professional responsibility, or duty as a parent?

Is the change of mood was already bearing signs of damage to our relationships with other people as much because we do not promise to keep, a lot of missed calls or SMS are not our responsibility, etc.?

Answers so that we can dig out of the question above is still not necessarily be called a scientific theory Mood Disorder. It's just using common sense, surely we can conclude that mood changes are causing danger and damage, of course no longer matters usual or normal.

Depressive Lifestyle

What we first need to examine when we experience mood changes that have an impact on bad things like the above? One of the most important is the way of life, customs and traditions, in the sense of repetitive behaviors that we do we realize almost completely. The question is, what kind of lifestyle? Lifestyle that can explain the emergence of mood excessive (pathological) is a depressive lifestyle. As we often read here, the depression is ongoing stress or fail to deal with it positively. In practice, there is the nature of depression and the respondent was that nature was a long-standing tradition.

Depression that are commonly triggered by respondent of external events that we feel stressful, there is a tragedy such as ourselves which makes us have to leave the office or company as we grew up, a divorce that begins the painful events, or deaths that are not normally happen to people dear, and a variety of other events over which we have received directly. If the reference living practices, respondent generally known that depression causes or chronology. This is somewhat different from the depression that it's a lifestyle. There may be a trigger, but the trigger was not aware that berlahan slowly build up and make us feel surrounded by a variety of load, pressure, and threats.

To menelaan whether the practice of our daily lives are filled with a variety of loads, pressure, and threats depressive, perhaps common symptoms below can we make reference:

Decreased energy to do things, bad mood.
Difficulty thinking or concentrating so make us forget or do not realize the responsibility, ranging from the trivial, say like forgetting to pay the food that we take, and semisalnya
Wanted to continue to sleep or trouble sleeping, want to eat more or difficulty eating
No longer care for the appearance of affairs, such desultory
Difficult decisions or quick change his decision (not held)
Experiencing psychomotor slowness, such as piece-sepengal preman, slow to respond to something, or the lazy way Thinking about death is not healthy

Freeing Yourself From Depression

In the literature, there are many statements of experts who warned that we should not conclude that the rapid change of mood that has been created purely for depressive disorder. To determine the specific causes, required depth by experts. And it generally takes time. However, almost all agree that depression can make a person more likely to be controlled by moods decisions that arguably worth mut-mutants. Since our inner being depressed, then the decision we are reflecting symptoms of depression as above. For example not concentrative, not eager to be responsible, and so on.

So, what can we do to make it not to produce depression moody habit? Would say arrogant if we think could anticipate events depressive hundred percent. Lots of painful events that could not be anticipated by humans or by the state even if, for example disaster. There are disasters caused by man, but no one because it is Maktub (written).
Therefore, in addition it is necessary to anticipate, we also need to mechanize (creating a self-defense mechanism) to deal with events that are not anticipated. These mechanisms can be grouped into two, namely:

1. External mechanism

2. Internal mechanism

Say we now feel the situation of your office or home really depressed and its causes are complex, like the tangled threads. External mechanism we can do include: set (to manage), alter, repair, or moving to a new situation. But this download otherwise require capabilities, stability, and their responsibilities. If we were not able to run, then we can do is create an internal mechanism. The number and shape of the internal mechanism created by God to sustain life is infinite, from creating new interpretations, new opinions, new definitions, new meaning, reflection, new attitudes, and so on.

Internal mechanism that point is the effort we create thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that make us stronger and more enlightened. Internal mechanism is even more involved than external mechanisms in conditioning a person becomes depressed or not. In practice, not necessarily those in prison were more depressed than those who are free. Not necessarily the person whose name and picture were targeted accusations and insults in the media or the demo was more depressed. Could be yes and no, or even are able to mature, depending on its internal mechanism.

What we need to stay away with is that we have not been able to create an external mechanism (for about a variety of cost), creating a free internal mechanism would not be created. Or even build an internal mechanism that the download itself of depression herself to make the quality of life plummeted decisions or mut-mutants only. Indeed, it appears the internal mechanism of the support, it may be worth, knowledge, information, and the most important thing is practice (process and procession).

All of the support that we get only after a solid foundation, namely:

1. The emergence of the drive to change for the better

2. Recognizing the need for change.

If these two things do not exist, perhaps all the doors are closed. Of the research report acknowledged that some of the experts that make people never could master his mood was because people were not aware of the need to reinvent itself. It may even feel that is true.

Think Life Is Only Once
Not all the changes of life we ​​value so fundamental it should start thinking a sophisticated, intelligent, and complex. That's the beauty justice. Adakalnya can be started from a simple idea, which is not only known to the professors, and probably wrong. Examples are thinking "Life is only once". For us, this is wrong because life is two times, no sophisticated sentence there, and there is no theory behind it. But, if we manage to use it to anticipate the emergence of depressive lifestyle, the result will be advanced. With thinking like that, we will soon realize, for what we allow ourselves to dissolve and drift into depressive lifestyle, wong life just like stopping ngombe (passenger drink) alone? Why do not we just enjoy this life only once so the mechanism by which we can make? "Gitu aja kok bother?", Recalls saying during Gus Dur was still alive.

Hopefully useful.

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