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mpok nori7 Factors Pok Nori Sick - Who is not familiar with the group of nori a female figure who is now more popular especially in the field of comedy, even if age is above 50 years, but the spirit of nori same group of those aged 25 years, the evidence to date This group of nori still exist in the world of entertainment.

mpok nori
However, because of old age, pok nori is not as strong as before, around the date of 02 February until 07 February 2013 today, pok nori is still lying in the hospital, then what can cause pain nori pok? Ranking 7Top try to discuss what causes pok nori get sick.

 Here 7 Factors Pok Nori Sick - Comedian Indonesia 

1. Routine or schedule a dense

Yes, the recent sharp increase nori name pok, pok nori famous when it appeared in Overa Van Java, the passing of events vent pok nori, comedian actor is also getting famous name. Hectic schedule would be tiring, probably because it was a solid routine sick group of nori

2. Power too in Porsir

Due to a pretty solid schedule automatic terporsir power, because that group of nori get sick, naturally of old age and have to spend a lot of energy because of busy work, then labor pok nori increasingly reduced

3. Vitamins are not enough

At the moment we are solid activity, we should try to stabilize your body by increasing vitamin that serves to increase the power and energy, most likely group of nori forget in this case, the pain of that group of nori

4. Age or age group of nori

Although the strong force as augmented by the power of vitamins, we can not deny that the age be a factor that affects the strength of a person's body, just look at the age group of the old nori forced to continue working, and nori pok activity not usual activities, the activities are very busy cause pok nori pain and a contributing factor for the age group of nori that does not support

5. Forget Health Check

Frequently we are to examine our health to the doctor, because we would diligently check out the condition of our health, maybe this is what happens in the group of nori, which might be too busy to make pok nori forget to check the health

6. Less Rest

Activities pok nori lately are too busy to be one group of nori cause pain, because of busy pok pok nori nori ultimately make less rest, the body will automatically power down

7. Mind

Pok nori when confirmed via private television media saying that he is still the backbone of the family, perhaps this is also the reason why the group of nori fell ill, anyone that has a lot of thought for long if left would be the case, possibly including nori pok

Maybe it's just that I can explain, let us pray that the core group of nori healthy and speedy recovery so that he can re-emerge as an actor famous comedienne today.

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