7 Grass Benefits for health

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7 Grass Benefits for healthAssumptions about foreign grass if the grass is not a kind of a plant pest or annoying. do people read way to kill this plant.

however, please note that many studies done on the grass, and he claimed that besides being a bully crops, grass turns out to have benefits for health. any grass for health benefits.

The following 7 Grass Benefits for health

1. Overcoming the Irregular Menstruation

Researchers have done a series of experiments to find out why root (rhizome) of the puzzle grass is widely used by people living in different regions of many countries to overcome the problem of irregular menses. They tried the effect of a yawning oil (essential oil) from this grass roots given by injection (injection sub cations) in the vaginal area of ​​the female rat animal trial. From the experimental results obtained, it appears that this has the effect of oil evaporate esterogenik (medium). Compounds from the oil evaporate and provides nutrients are cyperene I. This compound is believed to be the compounds that showed biaoaktivitas proesterogen high after an biotransformasi. These effects are believed to be esterogenik important basis for use in the treatment of grass puzzles to overcome the problem of irregular periods in women.

2. For Pain Relief and Overcome Fever

Other uses of traditional grass this puzzle is to treat hot (fever reducer) as well as painkillers. To see the effectiveness of this plant in lowering heat, researchers have tried to give ethanol extract from grass root puzzles in mice that have been made in advance fever. Experiment results show that the efficacy of the plant extracts, this turns out to 6-fold compared with that of modern medicine sodium salicylate. Then the research to find out the analgesic effect (pain relief) used mice injected with ethanol extract of root (rhizome) of this crop. It turns out the effect of painkillers triterpene compounds belonging IV B of this crop at 5 mg / Kg BB mice comparable to modern medicine giving painkillers ie acetylsalicylic acid at a dose of 30 mg / kg BW mice. Based on the description above, the traditional use of this plant in the attack overcome pain menstrual dikala scientifically understandable.

3. Overcoming Digestive Disorders Saluraan

In addition to the island of Java, some countries such as China, Egypt, India, and Sudan appear to have long used this plant as well as for gangguaan menstruation, to avoid digestive disfunction such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and stomach pain. From the results of experiments performed on dogs paraa as animal scientists try, please note that these plants have an antihistamine effect and evenly as antiemetik (antimuntah). Whereas to overcome stomach cramps that can cause pain, abdominal pain and other complaints, the researchers use small intestine of animals trying to rabbits. Experiment results show that after being given ethanol extract of the root (rhizome) of this crop, small intestine from rabbits that had been made stiff with spray histamines can experience significant relaxation can be used to overcome intestinal cramps. From the descriptions above, the use of grass puzzles to overcome digestive tract disorders are not only based on traditional usage, but also can be proven scientifically.

4. Use of Grass Peace Puzzle

This plant can be classified as having a low toxicity profile. In the experiment using ethanol extract of the roots of this plant intraperitonial injection given at a dose known animal mouse try mice death occurred at 1500 mg / kg BW. While the dose of death from mice injected in intraperitonial active triterpene compounds IV B (one of the active compounds belonging to the grass root puzzles) that have anti-inflammatory effects and pain relief is 50 mg / kg BW.

Side effects are rare pemakain this crop. Just based on experience from the herbalis in China, for the patients who have low vital energy should be more careful. In some cases, it was found are caused constipation (constipation) and a decrease of blood pressure.

5. In the treatment of Ayurveda in India

In addition to overcoming Dismenore (irregular), puzzles are also much used to overcome the fever and digestive tract disorders.

6. In traditional ingredient Indonesia

Titles used in mixed form that is, the root stock puzzles with ginger rhizome. Broth is consumed to overcome menstrual pain. This grass is also used to overcome stomach cramps and launchers urine (diuretics).

7. Very good puzzle grass broth to cure poison / antidotum various poisonous substances

The crushed fresh grass shaped pasta often used as a sleep at the breast mother is breastfeeding. Because empirically proven effective expediting of milk production.

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