7 Most Beautiful Shoes In The World

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1. Shoes 'Armadillo'

7 Most Beautiful Shoes In The World
Shoes called Armadillo is a shoe works for the collection of the late Alexander McQueen Spring / Summer 2010. The form that resembles a lobster's claws, making Armadillo immediately attract the attention of the observer mode. Even Lady Gaga was wearing these shoes in the video clip 'Bad Romance'.

2. Shoes without rights

Without the right shoe was a favorite of Hollywood celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham. The wife of famous footballer, David Beckham was never wore high boots without the right to work of Antonio Berardi at the launch of her perfume in 2008. The question is, how can he stand equal with those shoes?

3. Shoes Amninaka WilmotSulit

describe the shape of these shoes. Shoes or be called, works of art were created by designers from London, Amninaka Wilmot. If you see a complicated shape, it's hard to imagine it can stand upright with these shoes.

4. Black red shoes Alexander

McQueenAlexander McQueen always create an unexpected masterpiece. Design a pair of shoes re-named the most unique design. Footwear is a collection of Autumn / Winter 2009. Although oddly, the shoes are equipped with two rights seem to be able to help you stand without losing balance.

5. Shoes 'Flipper'

Is it possible if the fins are used for sport diving, complete with high heels? An Australian designer Lisa Carney suggests that it is not impossible. Wearing these shoes, you need not bother to change shoes if you want to swim.

6. Shoes Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani shoes specially made for Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards 2010 came also can be categorized as a unique shoe. Apart form the sole rights and strange, full of crystal detail makes these shoes look more attractive.

7. Lady Gaga's meat shoes

Lady Gaga appearance when attending the MTV Movie Awards 2010 is hard to forget. He walked the red carpet wearing overalls, headwear and boots made from meat. Of course, the shoes into the shoe list unik.sumber-Eya Ekasari - wolipop

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