7 Most Mysterious Book in the World

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codex-fish pictureSome books became famous not only because of its interesting because adjacent to the life and thought of a real and measurable by most human perception. But there are also some books known because of its difficult and require more reasoning in order to achieve what is trying to be delivered by the author.

Even some of today are still being studied, analyzed and digested, such as the following seven mysterious books:

Here are 7 Most Mysterious Book in the World

1. The Codex Seraphinianus

 The Codex Seraphinianus is a book written by mahakaraya form of an Italian artist named Serafini. Buki is an encyclopedia that discusses another world. The book is written in the language of creation Serafini himself, his writing contains illustrations peculiar form of color illustrations. As there is a picture of a fish that looks like the human eye, complete with eyelashes.

codex seraphinianus bookThis book is also believed to be a unique book contains full-color images, it is difficult to disentangle, but it is possible to believe. This book consists of 360 pages, written by a description or writing code. Many people who try to analyze and describe the contents of the book into a life on a planet in parallel, a very challenging masterpiece of human perception and natural instinct. The book is very rare, and if there is a minimum price of U.S. $ 500 written by Luigi Serafini around tahun1978.

This book consists of 360 pages, written in a script or code's description. A lot of people are trying to describe this book to life in a parallel planet. A masterpiece that is strongly opposed to human perception and scientific instinct.

2. The Ripley Scroll

The ripley scroll bookThis book is written by a British chemist, Sir George Ripley.

This book is a mystery and spawned many interpretations. Buki is believed to have the herb of immortality and baffled scientists who are trying to parse and analyze its contents.

Sir George Ripley is a scholar is more genius than he had expected, in fact he never made a book dedicated to king Edward IV and the king greatly appreciate his work. But still, the book The Ripley Scroll is not intended for those who are more likely to think realistically.

3. Nostradamus In Crypt

Nostradamus book
Divination M. Michael de Nostradame is one of the books published by the world-famous since its launch to the public in 1555 AD.

Nostradamus Book In Crypt is one of the books published by the world-famous since its launch to the public in 1555 AD. This book is a collection of poetic quatrains (four-line) or even the odd verses concerning the events that will occur in the future that has been predicted, since the year 1556.

There are thousands of people who want to try to write and pour back Notradamus purpose of this book. But many things difficult and incomprehensible that they always fail to explain what the purpose of the contents of the verse in the book. As the face of people who want to explain the contents of the book in the year 1555.

4. Prodigiorum AC Ostentorum Chronicon

Prodigium AC Ostentorum Chronicon Book
This book was written in 1557, by Konrad Lykosthenes in Basel (A town in Switzerland). Prodigiorum AC Ostentorum Chronicon is a book that is unique and mysterious.

This book contains a collection of signs and portents that stretches European history, from ancient Greece and Rome to contemporary nurbuat. It is also described and depicted various creatures, both real and realistic.

5. Book of The Dead

Book of The Dead Book
The actual title of the book is "The Spells of Coming Forth by Day", filled with writing mantras and hymns. Both the text format is used to help the souls of the dead so as to reach the afterlife, be strong and lasting.

The book "Book of the Dead" is most often written with hierogylph or writing continued upright, and is often depicted with a sketch depicting the deceased and their journey to the afterlife.

6. The Book of Soyga

The Book of Soyga BookThe Book of Soyga Aldaria also called, is a book of magic and the paranormal that contains passages that have not been translated by scholars. The book is famous because it is associated with John Dee, a thinker, who is famous for trying things unseen.

Unfortunately, Dee was unable to finish decoding the mysteries of the Book of Soyga before his death. After Dee's death, the book was considered lost until 1994. But fortunately, the two copies are found in the UK. Scholars have long studied the book, and some of them are able to translate some of this book.

7.  The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript
The Voynich Manuscript, which is known as "the world's most mysterious manuscript", is a work of the early 15th century, possibly from northern Italy. However, the language in this book is so hard that it is known by almost every kryptografer ever tried.

That said, The Voynich Manuscript in the past totaling 272 pages, some have been lost when the Voynich Manuscript acquired in 1912. There is strong evidence that much of the book bifolios rearranged at various points in its history, and that the order of the original page may have been quite different from what we see today.

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