7 Myths Cat Yawning

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7 Myths Cat Yawning1. Adult cats have about 30 teeth in its mouth, while the kittens have 26 teeth.

2. Cats with white fur and blue eyes are usually born deaf, although once they develop other senses instead.

3. Whiskers in cats are very sensitive and can sense changes in air pressure that even the small ones. This capability makes the cat can use it as a guide to an alternative to move in the dark when he can not see.

4. Although cats have 5 fingers on the front foot, they only have 4 fingers on the back foot. However, in some cats can be born with a lot of fingers to 7 even with the extra bone and cat At 6 months old, it is equivalent to 10 human years of age.

5. If you need a UV light to see, just use cat pee, pee because they glow in the dark.

6. Do you know, cats (Felis catus silvestrid-), especially the house cat is one of the most powerful predators in the world. The cat was able to kill and or take a few thousand species, beat big cats (such as lions, tigers, and the like) are only able to prey on less than 100 species. However, because of relatively small size, it is not harmful to humans. But still it is very dangerous if a cat is infected with rabies.

7. Cats have been associated with human life at least since 3500 years ago. When that ancient Egyptians had used the cat to repel pests rats and other rodents from their harvest.

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