Between Science and Art

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Between Science and ArtUnderstanding the history of lead about different perspectives. One perspective is fundamental to the history of the view well as between science and art. The differences are striking and assumptions vary menrangkan a historical significance.

Kuntowijoyo have to explain in a clear and concise introduction to the book that described the history of science baba four in the book.

History as a science in some sub-sections be explanation. Sub-sub is as follows

History is empirical based on human experiences. Often compared to the history of the natural sciences. The difference between the history of science lies not in how things work, but on the object penelitiananya. While researching the history of human science research on the matter. It is understandable that the natural sciences would produce common law and would result in legal history while not as certain as the natural sciences.

History also has an object being studied because they are often regarded as the science of history yanag not have a clear object. History have humans in the form of objects. The time could not be separated in the view of human history. Then, history was able to issue its own theories based on different objects with the social sciences. Different research object dalah social sciences research on human sedankan researching the history of man in time. With the ability to issue power theories of history also has generlisasi. However, generalizations are idiografis history, which greatly depends on where and when the theory can be used. In a research study of history, then history need a method in conducting research. The method is used as the basis for drawing conclusions carefully.

Having believed that history is a science. Then what could be the history of science? History can provide a different concept in every meaning of the word. Meaning of different words caused bound "word" is in space and time. History is essentially diachronic science, which extends in time but in a narrow ruanga. When the history of science soisal touch with the history of science has the properties as synchronous. That is, in addition to extending the time. History also widened the space. So now complete, as the history of science diachronic and synchronic.

In addition to the science, history can be regarded as art. Used in the history of art should always obey the principle of the method and methodology of history. Writing history requires intuition or inspiration, understanding immediately and instinct during the study period. It often happens that when choosing a penjelassan, not science equipment running but intuition. In this case the working historian sniman equality in the work and memory will sellau data ang owned. Intusisi ynag memebawa require imagination in the writing of history. Imagination in history is kemmapuan historians to imagine an event that is happening, and what happened after that. Writing history with emotions also justified but should remain faithful to the facts, because it is very important to, inherit value. As well, in the writing of history requires historians style. Diapkai bahsa style that is not a style but a flowery style that lugsa, attractive and systematic.

History of art be considered as a contribution to the art itself. History will give the characteristics of the biography. Karakterististik someone will look at writing biography, biography of both individual and collective biography. Through the history of the art of storytelling in the plot or storyline. Plot used often as bleak novel plot used is the introduction of the crisis and solutions.

History is a combination between science and art. History teaches science writing can be captured by any reader of history with a delicious and beautiful. It is said to be complete for the history of science as a science and an art. However, science and Senai have differences and similarities. Historical writing methods and methodologies need to Understand in depth to writing history does not fall in the writings of art or writing that is considered a myth. In this paper Ibni, Kuntowijoyo not clearly explain the difference between art and science. Kuntowijoyo also not given boundaries clearly. Need for further reading, especially articles that have made Kuntowijoyo and reading historical explanation.

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