Biography Of Sutardjo Kartohadikusumo

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Biography Of Sutardjo Kartohadikusumo
Full Name: Soetardjo Kartohadikusumo
Alias: No Alias
Category: Politicians
Religion: Islam
Place of Birth: Kunduran, Blora, Central Java
Date of Birth: Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Zodiac: Balance
Nationality: Indonesia
Father: Kiai Ngabehi Kartoredjo
Mother: Mas Ajoe Kartoredjo
Wife: Siti Djaetoen Kamarroekmini

Petition Soetardjo is the designation for a petition filed by Soetardjo Kartohadikoesoemo, on July 15, 1936, to Queen Wilhelmina and the States General (parliament) in the Netherlands. The petition was filed by the growing discontent among the people against the government due to the political wisdom of the Governor-General de Jonge run. The petition was signed also by I.J. Kasimo, G.S.S.J. Ratulangi, Datuk Tumenggung, and Ko Kwat

Fill Petition Soetardjo
The contents of the petition is a request that a discussion was held between the representatives of Indonesia and the Netherlands with the same status and rights. The goal is to devise a plan of giving to Indonesia a government that stands alone (autonomous) within the Constitution of the Netherlands. Implementation will be gradually implemented in ten years or in time to be determined by the court deliberations.

Reaction Petition Soetardjo
The proposal is considered to deviate from the ideals of the national movement gets reaction from both Indonesia and the Netherlands. Dutch press, like Preanger Bode, Bode Java, Bataviaasch Nieuwsblad, the petition alleges the proposal as a "dangerous game", revolutionary, yet time and according to circumstances.

Dutch reactionary classes, such as Indonesia Vaderlandsche Club found immature to stand alone. But there are also people from the Dutch government approved the petition, by sending a letter to Soetardjo. Parties to the Dutch Government has said that the government does have the intention to always increase the role of the people in control of government to the people of Indonesia is able to take care of everything. From the Indonesian side both inside and outside the Volksraad reaction to the proposed petition also vary.

Some members found the proposal petition Volksraad unclear, incomplete and did not have the strength. Indonesian press such as newspapers Landscape, Tjahaja Timoer, Pelita Andalas, Announcers Deli Magazine Soeara Katholiek petition supporting the proposal. Therefore the proposed petition dengari quickly spread among the people and before the trial Volksraad discuss specifically, most of the press Indonesia supporting this proposal.
According to the daily view current proposal is promoted very late, when will the replacement of the Governor-General by the Governor-General de Jonge Tjarda.

Assembly Petition Soetardjo
Then it was decided to discuss the proposed petition in a special session on 17 September 1936.
On the 29 September 1936 after the trial debate, a vote was held in which the petition is approved by the Volksraad with a vote of 26 votes in favor opponents 20 votes against. And on October 1, 1936 a petition that has been the Volksraad petition was sent to the Queen, Staten-Generaal, and the Minister of Colonies in the Netherlands.

Proposed new
While waiting for a decision accepted the petition or proposal to strengthen and clarify the purpose of the petition, the court in July 1937 Volksraad Soetardjo return Indonesia to propose a plan to the "Indonesia stands alone".

The plan is divided into two phases, each for five years. At the suggestion of the representative of the Dutch Government in the Volksraad court also said that the government is interested in the direction of improvement of the Indonesian government, but because the proposal is so vast that the solution lies with the government in the Netherlands and the Staten General. This petition raises back many responses from people's movement organizations such as the Association of Indonesia (PI), Roekoen Peladjar Indonesia (Roepi), Movement of the People of Indonesia (Gerindo), Catholic Society in Indonesia (PPKI), United Islamic Party of Indonesia (PSII), PNI, and so on.

Petition denied
At trial Volksraad In July 1938, the Governor-General Tjarda had vaguely imagined that the petition will be rejected. Report of the Governor-General to the minister Empire (based on the other reports from the Raad van Nederland-Indie, Adviseur voor Inlahdse Zaken, Directeur van Onderwijs en Eredienst), has suggested that the contents of the petition was rejected on the grounds is less clear.

Also considering the uncertainty of events in the future, then it can be approved by the desire not to hold a conference to plan for the future. Finally, he suggested that somehow the petition should be denied so that the change in principle for kadudukan Indonesia and held a conference that does not need to be held.

Finally, the decision of the Netherlands No.. 40 dated 14 November 1938, filed a petition on behalf of the Volksraad was rejected by Queen Wilhelmina. The reason for refusal among others are: "That the Indonesian nation immature to take responsibility for self-government".

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