Definition of Education According to the Experts

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Definition of Education According to the Experts
Definition Definition of Education - Here are some definitions Understanding Education According to the experts' understanding of them is education by MJ Langeveld and Purpose of Education by prof dr Langeveld and Understanding education by Driyarkara

Understanding education by M.J. Langeveld

Education is an attempt to guide adult men who have not grown to maturity. Education is the attempt to help the child to carry tugastugas life, to be independent, legally-baliq, and a moral responsibility. Education is the pursuit of self-determination, and moral responsibility.

Purpose of Education by prof dr Langeveld

Maturation itself, with its characteristics, namely: the maturity of thinking, emotional maturity, self-esteem, attitudes and behavior which could be imitated and self-evaluation skills.
Skill or independent attitude, which can be characterized by at least dependence on others and always trying to find something without seeing another person.

Understanding education by Driyarkara

Education is defined as an attempt to humanize a young man or a young man lifting the human level. (Driyarkara, Driyarkara About Education, Canisius Foundation, Yogyakarta, 1950, hlm.74.)

Understanding education by Stella Van Petten Henderson

Education is kombinasai of human growth and development with social heritage. Kohnstamm and Gunning (1995): Education is the formation of conscience. Education is a process of self-formation and self-Determination ethically satisfying the conscience.

Understanding education by John Dewey (1978)

Aducation is all one with growing; it has no end beyond itself. (Education is everything along with the growth, education itself has no final destination behind him).

Understanding education by H.H Horne

In the broadest sense, education is a device by which a social group continued existence renew yourself, and defend his ideals. Carter V. Good education is the process of the development of one's skills in the form of attitudes and behaviors that prevail in society. Social process in which a person is affected by something that guided environment (especially in schools) so yeah can achieve social skills and develop personality.

Understanding education by Thedore Brameld

The term education contains extensive functions of the breeder and the improvement of the life of a society, especially bringing new citizens recognize the shared responsibility in society. So education is a broader process than the process that goes on in school. Education is a social activity that allows people to stay there and grow. In a complex society, the function of education is undergoing specialized and institutionalized with formal education that always stay in touch with the informal education outside of school).

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