Human Muscle System

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Muscular system is the body system that has such a function to the tool motion, storing glycogen and decisive posture. Consists of smooth muscle, cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle. Muscle is an active motion device that is able to move the bones, skin and hair after a stimulus. Muscles have three special abilities are:

kontraktibilitas: the ability to contract / shorten

Extensibility: the ability to perform the opposite movement of movements generated during contraction

Elasticity: the ability of the muscle to return to its original size after contracting. When returning to the original size of muscle called the deep state of relaxation.
muscle types

1. striated muscle

Other names: skeletal muscle, muscle fiber cross (striated musculus) or involuntary muscle

Structure: fiber length, color / striated with lines of light and dark, has a core in large quantities and is located alongside. Contraction: according to our will (under the control of the central nervous system), the movement of fast, powerful, easy fatigue and irregular. Anatomical structure of skeletal muscle

2. Solid muscle

Other names: muscle tools in / visceral / musculus nonstriated / involuntary muscles Structure: form long fibers such as coil, with a pointed tip, with the core amounted to a lie dibagiann middle. Contractions: not according to the will or outside the control of the central nervous system, slow motion, rhythmic and not easily tired.

3. heart muscle

Other names: myocardium or musculus cardiata or involuntary muscle. structure: Form fibers elongate, cylindrical, branching. It appears the light and dark lines. has a core that is located in the middle. Contractions: not according to the will, slow motion, rhythmic and fatigue

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