Identification of Two Choices

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Identification of Two Choices
In this world we are faced with two choices, to be rich and poor, into sombing or humble, beautiful or ugly, the world or the hereafter, and the last of heaven and the afterlife. two options is equal to the balance that has been the law of nature, the earth there is no heaven, there is no black and white there I was you, heeee.

faced with two choices are the spearhead for us to decide, which one we choose, the obvious choice and I am sure you are a good, tasty, Courant and others. no one who chose to be ugly, to be poor, to be humiliated and more. but it is only a wish.

determination of the two options is reflected in the attitudes and habits of you and me all the time, which is more familiar than our habits, then that's actually your choice. if your habit is closer to evil, then what you can also ugliness in the world and in the hereafter. if you're bad, then when in the world you would be an insult people, if in the next you will be placed in the most convenient place for you is hell. conversely, if the habit any time reflects the goodness, happiness and heaven then rest assured you will achieve.

Therefore, specify your choice and identify the identity of these two options.

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