Identity Crisis Identity

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Identity Crisis Identity
look there, look here continued without asking and I see why. first I was happy and hard is a pleasure for me, but after I could think the distress and mediates a real pleasure today. this time I was experiencing liver tempest is how to find the real identity when I was confronted in a phenomenon obtaining a continuous problem.

when I see people happy I will feel good, but when I am alone joy turned into grief because of the pleasure I was feeling was just happiness that I borrow from people who are happy. when I saw the difficulty the passing of gratitude arises because I do not like them is difficult.

it continued to be debated in myself, self identity I have not found. how when I specify an option, the option that too bland and did not know the direction of the goal, let alone anyone else, I too am confused.

however, without me knowing God has shown signs of his reign, a non-pious, righteous and great to be bowed by the turmoil and problems that have become iktibar and wisdom for him. when I look back, it is as some say do not forget the lessons of the past to be, but it was not long tolehan backward, as if I should not let myself get carried away with the past, from a distance there are calling "come on ... come on .. do not fear, here and ran as hard as your strength, do not be afraid to fall, do not be afraid to get hurt and not be afraid not to, here there is no cure, no house and no true happiness "

With great zeal wondering, I kept running but actually I did not run I fell but I did not fall, and so on, as I got it turns me away. without meaning, without knowledge and without warning makes it more complicated and confusing.

eliminate the cognitive load moment of continuous swimming in my mind, I will sleep with full power to close my eyes, and when I was in the world of sleep and dreams I dreamed a strange but fun, a dream that was not directed but reminded and have a special message.

until now I contemplate the dream continues for no one knows, because I tried to inform, assuming that it is a flower bed to hear their words.

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