Importance of Motivation in Work

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Importance of Motivation in Work
Importance of Motivation in Work - In his career, motivation plays like gasoline that will make us continue walking and menghadpi all difficulties. Importance of Motivation in Work for the absence of a strong motivation to work we will easily deterred and decided to stop.

Understanding motivation is a driving force in the behavior of individuals in both individual behavior akam determine the direction and durability (perintence) any human behavior that it contains well-ungsur ungsur emotionally insane question.

Importance of Motivation in Work

Someone who does not have a high motivation to work, the tasks tend to fall only limited liability, no creativity and passion for what makes a special and achieve maximum results. While someone with a high motivation to work he will be able to pull out ideas and work are not in the lower limit so that his work is impressive and easy to get confidence. Of course, people who have high work motivation is exactly what will always get a chance to work on the higher duty and career will always go up.

Factors that could be motivation for a person is:
The necessities of life which must be satisfied
Love of work
Dream he always wanted to achieve

Everyone has a motivation factor respectively, understand what motivates s work, remember and make it as a handle,, Successful people always have a high motivation to work

Competition is not an easy job. Every year, thousands of workers will appear new ready to replace your position. Yet co-workers, the applicants who come from abroad, even keryawan a competitor could threaten your career if you are not able to maintain good performance. Be the best, keep your motivation to work.

Factors that will affect employee motivation in a company

Factors corporate policy

Melipui salary, benefits, and pensions. The impact on work motivation is usually just to survive. Not such a huge impact in peningkatakn performance. So, the company is not enough to just rely on salary issues, pensions, and benefits to motivate employees to get the best performance. Except, if the company is able to provide salaries, far above the average wage, will probably have an influence.

Factors fee or reward

If managed properly, rewards or reward system for employees who excel will give a great impact to increase motivation.

Factors corporate culture

Although it looks simple, but the problem of corporate culture can have a large impact in improving motivation. Cultures that promote respect, solidarity, honesty, and familiarity will enhance work motivation is significant.

Factors mental state employees themselves

This is the most important. If an employee who has the mental strength, he will still have the motivation to work even though the three factors above are less supportive. They had thought ahead. His views are not only narrow the moment. They have a great spirit to keep contributing as possible. Unfortunately, these factors are often overlooked both by its own employees or by the company.

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