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1. Definition of Quality Service

In essence, the definition of service excellence is one of the company's efforts to serve the buyers (customers) as well as possible, so as to give satisfaction to customers and meet the needs and desires of customers, both in the form of goods or services. Definition Excellent service is the best service given by the company to meet the expectations and needs of the customer, whether the customer inside the company and outside the company.

Simply put, excellent service (excellent service) can be defined as a service in meeting the expectations and needs of customers. In other words, excellent service is a service that meets the quality standards. Services that meet the quality standards is a service in line with expectations and customer satisfaction / community.

In excellent service there are two interrelated elements, namely the service and quality. Both of these elements is essential to the attention of service personnel (sellers, traders, waiter, or a salesman). The concept of service excellence can be applied to a variety of organizations, institutions, government, or business enterprise.

Keep in mind that the progress made by a country reflected satandar government services provided to citizens. Countries that are poor in general, the quality of services provided under the minimum standards. In developing countries the quality of service has to meet minimum standards. While in developed countries the quality of service to the people above minimum standards.

There are several definitions of quality of services proposed by the experts. And from a number of definitions there are some similarities, namely:
  • quality is an effort to meet customer expectations
  • quality is quality conditions at any time change
  • qualities that include processes, products, goods, services, people and the environment
  • quality is a dynamic state associated with products, services, people, processes, and environments that meet or exceed expectations.

Vincent Gespersz stated that the quality of service includes the following dimensions:
  • Timeliness of services related to waiting time and process.
  • Quality of care relating to the accuracy or kepetatan service.
  • Quality of care associated with politeness and hospitality businesses.
  • Quality of service related responsibilities in handling customer complaints.
  • Quality of care associated with a more or less serving officers and other supporting facilities.
  • Quality of care related to the location, the room service, parking, availability of information, and petunujuk / other guides.
  • Quality of service related to environmental conditions, cleanliness, waiting rooms, music facilities, air conditioning, communication tools, and others.

2. History of Quality Service

According to Garvin in his book, Managing Quality, said that quality as a concept has long been known, but its emergence as a management function occurred recently. According to him, the concept and approach to quality of experience the stages of development, such as the approach of inspection, statistical quality control, quality assurance, and strategic quality management.

Stages of development of these qualities can be explained as follows.

1. Approach to inspection
In this era of inspection or supervision of products made directly and compared with a uniform standard. Since the beginning of the 20th century inspection activities related to quality control. At that time the quality is seen as a separate management function.

2. Statistical approach
Movement quality assessment that uses a scientific approach for the first time took place in 1931, with the publication of the work of WA Shewhart, a researcher with the quality of the Bell Telephone Laboratories. He mentioned that the variability is a reality in the industry and this can be understood using the principles of probability and statistics.

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