Secretary In The Future

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Secretary In The Future
Secretary In The Future - Responsibility and the Role of the Secretary in the Future to be adjusted over the times have air Evolution needs and challenges of the future, of the former is the work done by the instructions or orders, now grown into a dynamic and self-employment,

Secretary In The Future is now required to be more initiative, proactive, and work independently without constant supervision. What does it mean a secretary without a boss, and what happens if the Boss without a secretary? both need each other. But if one chose sekretris be worse and could backfire. Remember, our success as a leader is also supported by a reliable secretary role.

In The Future Role of the Secretary that the Secretary Being Professional and effective career

Having the ability Human Resouce

Senior secretary can act as a trainer, even a leader and mentor to the entire senior staff is required to administrasi.Para secretary to review or revise kenerja its staff, as well as junior colleagues lainnya.Untuk recruitment process, senior secretary orientation or direction to co-workers baru.ini was also added to the portfolio of secretary reliable.

In many companies today ini.seorang secretary is the most understanding of the style and character of bosnya.Dengan Thus, secretary, too, who should at least understand what the employee is needed more tersebut.Ia boss can search and find a right employee for the right job .

Broader scope of work

Thanks to technological developments, the days when the boss is still mendektekan letter to the secretary has now ended, the manajerpun now be handling a e-mail of his own, They berkorespodensi, calls, make appointments, and even create presentations meetingnya sendiri.Dengan Thus, the role of secretary can be more specific scope of work and take a more senior secretaries luas.Para no longer a handyman type or receiver, because they've got a different mindset about a secretary. They can be a means to extend the network and even the decision-makers when the boss is absent.

Multi-Tasking Capabilities

It is the ability to do several jobs at the same time bersamaan.SKILL is quite important to have a secretary dimanapun.Mungkin not a mandatory, but if a sekretris secretary has this capability, it rarely missed work and everything can be done more quickly, because speed is important.

Primary capital to be able to do multi-tasking job is that he must first get used to Well-Organized.Dia must be used to working in an orderly, neat, and terstruktur.Bila not able to do the job at a time with maximum results, it is impossible to work in a structured before stress levels rise due to multi-tasking job of turmoil later.

Skills are more specific

For most secretaries of their work has grown from just common functions into specialist functions. There is an increasing demand for secretaries who have the expertise or knowledge more, for example in the areas of Legal, Banking, or even Human Resource

As more and more companies are setting up its own legal department in-house, the secretary with the expertise and specialized knowledge in the field relevant to more and more sought after. Not to forget also the growing banking sector salaries and bonuses and attractive offers for the secretaries who are ready and experienced in the field.

Mastering Information Management

The Secretary has turned into a profession that is no longer oriented knowledge.Mereka Just doing administrative work, but may run errands for managing information in perusahaan.Mereka are involved directly in the flow and storage of information in the company.

They also must be able to guarantee any valuable information can be forwarded or shared efficiently to the parties that this membutuhkan.Semua very useful to improve the efficiency of cooperation between departments as a whole team.

Keep in mind here that the information in question is not in the form of gossip and should also ensure that the right information is also falling kepihak the right time.
The Secretary has been viewed as information liaison between departments in many companies, and is also considered as a source of information they can relay, a secretary sometimes better know a lot of what is happening in the company rather than their boss.

Customer Service and Research Capabilities

The quality of the secretary or other advantage is reliable customer service good.They often have to deal with customers or clients, this means they must memilikiknowledge strong and competent in the field of service.

The ability to gather information is also important because many rely on secretaries to locate and gather intelligence, informaasi the client, current industry trends, data base management, and information about competitor.Sekretaris work on the unit, group or groups, a secretary who has the ability to able to collaborate and work together in a team more in need.

Mastering technology

It seems there's nothing to be explained from this point, there is nothing worse than we still have to explain how to open e-mails or using word processing software to reliably menguaqsai sekretaris.Para secretary of technology, especially in communications and all the technology that can facilitate komunikasi.satu again that is not less important is technology to do a presentation, which is supported by the skills and expertise of the secretary presenting itself.

With the increasing mobility of the work will be more demanding when ini.Kita secretary who can work independently and can even count on staying for a long time, initiative, confidence, and wisdom are the qualities needed secretary today to be able to keep the "castle" peruasahaan while their leaders were not in place.

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