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Steel is a metal alloy, ferrous metals as a basic element carbon as the main alloying element. The content of the element carbon in steel ranges from 0.2% to 2.1% of its weight according to grade. Carbon functions as an element in steel is amplified by preventing dislocations in the crystal lattice shift (crystal lattice) iron atom. Carbon steel is known as black as black steel, widely used for agricultural equipment such as sickle and hoe.

Other common alloying elements other than carbon is added (titanium), chromium (Cr), nickel, vanadium, cobalt and tungsten (tungsten). By varying the carbon content and other alloying elements, various types of steel quality can be obtained. The addition of carbon content in steel to improve hardness (hardness) and the strength of its appeal (tensile strength), but on the other hand makes it brittle (brittle) and lower tenacity (ductility).

Size of violence in the steel material known as hardness, in which there are two types of hardness, the hardness and Brinell hardness vickers.

classification of steel

a. based on the composition
  1. carbon steel
  2. Low alloy steel
  3. Stainless steel
b. Based on the manufacturing process
  1. Steel furnace open
  2. electrical kitchen
  3. Basic oxidation process

c. Based on the form of the product
  1. plates bars
  2. tube
  3. sheet
  4. tape
  5. structural form

d. Based on microstructural
  1. ferritic
  2. pearlitic
  3. martensitic
  4. austenitic
  5. Based on the usability in construction
  6. Structural Steel
  7. Non-Structural Steel

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