The Spring

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The Spring
The spring is an elastic object used to store mechanical energy. Spring is usually made of steel. The spring was also found in the car's suspension system. In the spring car has the function to absorb shock and vibration from the road wheels being forwarded directly to the vehicle body. In addition, spring is also useful to add to the cengkerem tires against the road surface.

Type the spring is:
  • The spring tension
  • compression spring
  • The spring constant
  • variable spring
torsion bar springs (torsion bar spring). This type of spring formed from steel rod torsion elastic.

Based on the form of springs are divided into:
  1. Coil springs (coil springs) made ​​from steel rod and has a spiral shape.
  2. Leaf springs (leaf springs) made ​​from steel blades are bent and supple.
  3. Springs are formed by machine (Machined spring)

  1. Spring balancer in minutes
  2. Springs on the keyboard
  3. In the CD player
  4. In the pen (stationery)
  5. The spring mattress
  6. Pogo sticks
  7. Slinky
  8. trampoline
  9. vehicle suspension
  10. Trunk Whammy

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