The Steam Engine

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The Steam Engine
The steam engine is a machine that uses heat energy in steam and convert it into mechanical energy. The steam engine used in pumps, locomotives and marine vessels, and is very important in the Industrial Revolution.

The steam engine is an external combustion engine, the liquid separated from the burning. The heat source can be used, namely solar power, nuclear power, or geothermal power. If the vapor evolved through piston or turbine, will cause mechanical work.

The earliest record of the history of the steam engine technology, we can see the city of Alexandria in the year 75. There are a mathematician named Hero, who is also known premises name "Heros or" Heron "who wrote three books about the mechanical properties of air and introduce the design of a simple steam engine. These machines are known as aeolipile or Aeolypile, or also called Eolipile.

The working principle of this machine is to use steam pressure to rotate the ball (vessel) containing water as a raw material producing steam. Ball (vessel) could be spinning because of the encouragement of the steam coming out of the nozzle which is located on the side of the vessel.

Hero method that converts steam energy into motion is the basis for his successors to develop steam engine technology in the future.

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