Understanding and Definition of HTML

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Understanding and Definition of HTML
Understanding and Definition of HTML - The so-called Understanding HTML is (HyperText Mark-up Language) is a method to implement the concept of hypertext in a manuscript or document. HTML itself is not considered a programming language because it is just marking (marking up) on a manuscript text and not as a program.

Based on its constituent words can be interpreted HTML deeper into:


Hypertext link is a word or phrase that can show the relationship of a text document with other manuscripts. If we click on a word or phrase to follow this link then the web browser will move the display to the other parts of the text or documents that we are headed.


In the sense here markup indicates that the HTML file contains a specific instruction to provide a format in which the document will be displayed on the World Wide Web.


Although HTML itself is not a programming language, HTML is a collection of some of the instructions that can be used to vary the format a manuscript or document

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