Understanding Geography According to the Experts

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Understanding Geography According to the Experts
Understanding Geography kinds according to the experts - the sense of geography - definition of geography according to the experts

Understanding Geography According Erastothenes: geographica geography comes from the word that means writing or drawing on the earth.

Understanding Geography According to Ellsworth Hunthington: see man as a passive figure that lives are affected by the natural surroundings.

Understanding Geography According to Murphy Rhaod

In his book The Scope of Geography Rhaod Murphy writes about the geographic scope of the study, which consists of three main areas, namely:
1. Distribution and linkage (relations) man on earth as well as spatial aspects and utilization for human life.
2. Reciprocal relationship between humans and the natural physical environment is part of a study of the diversity of the region.
3. Study of the region or regions. Study of the region or the region is the most comprehensive research paper and integrated between the elements of the region. It is therefore an object of formal study of regional geography.

Geography According to Claudius Ptolomaeus sense, geography is a representation through maps from any and all earth's surface.

Understanding Geography According to John Mackinder (1861-1947) a geography expert defines geography as a study of the relationship between humans and the natural surroundings.

Understanding Geography According Ekblaw and Mulkerne argued that geography is a science that studies the earth and kehidupannnya, affecting our way of life, the food we eat, the clothes we use, the houses we live in and a place of recreation that we enjoy.

Understanding Geography According to Preston E. James argued geography related to spatial systems, space that occupies the earth's surface. Geography is always concerned with the interrelationships between humans and their habitats.

Understanding Geography According to Ullman (1954), Geography is the interaction between spaces.

Understanding Geography According to Maurice Le Lannou (1959) suggests that the attractions is the study of human geography and organization on earth.

Understanding Geography According to Paul Claval (1976) found that Geography has always wanted to explain in terms of the symptoms of spatial relations.

Understanding Geography According Daldjoeni:

Geography is the science that teaches men includes 3 main points, namely spatial (space), ecology, and region (region). In terms of spatial, geographical spread of the symptoms studied both natural and human on earth. Then in terms of ecology, geography, studying how humans should be able to adapt to its environment. As in the case of regions, learn geography as human habitation area by unity fisiografisnya.

Understanding Geography According to Prof. Bintarto: Geography learning causal phenomena on the earth and the events that occurred in both the physical earth and its living things concerning the matter, through a spatial approach, ecological and regional levels for the benefit of the program, and the success of the development process.

Understanding Geography According to I Made Sandy:
Geography is the science that seeks to find and understand the similarities and differences that exist within the earth

Understanding Geography According to the seminar and workshop of experts in Semarang geography:
Geography is the knowledge about the similarities and differences in the symptoms and the nature of life on earth (geosphere symptoms) as well as the interaction between humans and their environment in the context of spatial and territorial.

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